A comprehensive Prince discography

Hello, welcome 2 the Dawn. U've just accessed the definitive Prince discography.  There r over 500 experiences 2 choose from.


This site aims to become a comprehensive Prince discography, in both chronological and alphabetical order. 

It is more a "songography" than a discography in the strictest sense of the term, though: it tries to catalogue each and every version of each and every song officially made available to the public, in every possible format, rather than physical releases (see below for a more detailed explaination before you send me an email telling me "single X isn't listed").

Dates on the chronological list are as accurate as possible, given the available data. 

The alphabetical list details every known version of every known song.

These are, however, mainly lists of songs: PrinceVault provides more detailed informations about the songs themselves (recording dates, writing and musicians' credits, formats released, etc.). It also addresses unreleased material, which this website doesn't.

Two other great online references are Scififilmnerd's and VaultCurator's chronological lists of recording sessions.

I also strongly recommend reading Duane Tudahl's amazing books about Prince's recording sessions.


The first draft of the chronological list is completed: it took me 7 years and 5 months (September 2009-February 2017) to get there.

Proofreading of the chronological list is in progress and the alphabetical list is being completed concurrently. You can see how far I went by checking the alphabetical list, or the font on the chronological list (proofread is in Arial, not proofread is still in Georgia). At the moment, I am working on updating the website with countless corrections and additions (I have a long list of things I took note of, but never got around adding to the website). As soon as I'm done with this, I will resume the proofreading and the alphabetical list.

Basically, that's all you need to know in order to enjoy this website. Now, if you like geeky, long and complicated technical informations, you can read what follows ^^

Note that you can help me make this website a more accurate and comprehensive ressource. If you want to know how, please read what's below (the "how to help/contribute" paragraph in particular).

LAST UPDATE: 2024/01/08: Corrections/additions to 1989, 2003, 2005.





Good question! It actually took me a while to sort it out myself, but here are the basic guidelines for the chronological list:


There MUST be mistakes and/or ommissions, either with song names, release dates or God knows what else: with such an amount of data to collect and order, it's just impossible for me not to have missed, misplaced or mispelled a few things! Besides, new data regularly surfaces. Thus, if you notice any mistake or any ommission, whatever it is, please send an email to lotus[dot]flow3r[at]ymail[dot]com or contact me thru Prince.org if you are a member (my orgname is "databank"). I don't check this email address often, so please don't be mad if the reply comes late. Any help to make this site as comprehensive and accurate as possible is much welcome! If you choose to send an email, please clearly specify that it's about Prince in the mail's title, or it may end-up unread and in the trashcan, confused with a spam (I get a lot of spam on this particular email address ^^). 

In the case I am not 100% certain about something or some data is missing, (my questions are added to the entry as NOTES). If you have an answer for me for any of those, please let me know!

As mentioned above, one thing that is particularly hard to list is those countless live snippets that were sent to TV channels (or that they were allowed to film) across the globe over the years, in order to promote tours. This website is literally the only attempt ever made at listing them, so I really have to hunt them down one by one, and it's very likely that I've missed dozens of them, as most were only aired once on one channel in one country. Local fans have recorded many of them over the years, but not all have appeared (or remained) online, and some are probably even hidden in plain sight on YouTube that I never found. If you have or know of one that isn't listed here, I'm particularly interested in getting a copy and/or as much information as possible about it (on which channel and on what day it was aired, what song was played, how long was the snippet, etc.).

My other main problem is with exact release dates. 

Release dates are mentionned between brackets after the title of every release, so when the info is (??/??) or (month/??) it means that I don't have either the day and month, or just the exact day of release. In these cases, placement is tentative. I've searched the internet as much as possible, but some data just seems to be impossible to find. Yet, it HAS to be available somewhere! Any contributions to that would be welcome, as I would like this discography to be as chronologically accurate as possible. 

There are also some cases when it's likely that I'm not aware of separate releases for a 7'' single and its associated 12'' maxi-single (or different release dates for different versions of a CD single or a music video). For exemple, many 80's 12'' were released a few weeks or months after the 7'', but I only have this info for some Prince releases, and nothing is said anywhere about his other singles, or about related artists singles, for which release dates are less documented. Now why would it be that Prince's 12''s were often released after the 7''s, but that The Time or Sheila E. would always have their 7'' and 12'' released on the same day?! Therefore, it's possible that I list several maxis much earlier than their actual release dates, which might even mean that some album songs are said to have been released before the album when they actually weren't. I have a similar problem with music videos containing alternate mixes, since they weren't always released on the same day the corresponding singles were. Any help about all this is super welcome.

Finally, there are sometimes contradictions between sources when it comes to release dates, so I've done my best to try and figure out which is correct, and if I really couldn't tell, I've mentioned it.

I own a copy of each and every song on this discography, except for the songs that are listed here. If you can provide me with a digital copy of one or a few of these songs (or any other song that might be missing from this list, meaning that I'm not aware of its existence), or any information about the missing/wrong release dates, or help me correct any other mistake or omission, or if you can solve any of the questions I ask alongside some entries, I'll be happy to send you as many songs as you want in return. 


This project is the result of my own research and music collection: I started gathering data and Prince recordings in the early 90's. However, many gaps have been filled over the years by many people. Even though I never interacted with most of them personally, my main thanks go to Borisfishpaw, Dawnation, Duane Tudahl a.k.a. Madhouseman, Per Nilsen, Prince Associates Live!, Princevault, Scififilmnerd and Uptown Magazine: their outstanding work almost always allowed me to collect the data that I hadn't found by myself. 

For filling smaller, but nonetheless important gaps, I also want to thank 2000sboy, 3rdeyedude, AaronReturn2005, Airth, Andrewm7, Aristotle, Atomic_Monkey, Bart Van Hemelen, Bhanlarouge, Billy Bobbins, Billymeade, Chastity, Chopingard, DannyD5050, Darkroman, DavyLovesPurple, Deepwater, Delirium, Discie, DJdaffy1227, DJ Richie P, Dodger, EddieM, Embmmusic, Eric L, Errant, Eyewishuheaven, Fms, Frédéric Babayan, Jamiestarr1uk, Jorge Poveda, JorisE73, K Nicola Dyes, Kares, Langebleu, LLFunk, Lurker316, Luvsexy4all, Marco81, Marvinlovell, Michael Dean, Motherfunka, Mplsmike, Mr. Z, Neversin, Nothinbutjoy, Oldfriends4sale, Olivier Bruchez, Olb99, OperatingThetan, Paisleypark4, Pascal Comet, The Peach & Black Podcast, Purplemusic, Purple Yoda, Mynetcologne.de, Revolution81, Rlittler81, RodeoSchro, Roverlo, SchlomoDaHomo, Scratchtasia, Shaun, Squirrelmeat, Steve Wask, TheBanishedOne, TheDigitalGardener, Timmie, TrivialPursuit, Ufoclub, Unique, Virgile LeFaou, Voiceinside.jp, Xenophobia2002 and Xibalba. When it comes to a few things, Wikipedia and Discogs also remain vital tools in my research. I also owe many other contributors I forgot the names of, on the Internet in general and on the Prince.org, Housequake.com and "Purple Dagobah" boards in particular. Their names got lost in the battlefield but I thank them all, and I ask them to forgive me for not naming them: it's not on purpose. Finally, I'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to the late Richard Kuhn aka BigChick. May you rest in peace, Rich, you are missed... 

As for who I am... Well... I'm a French dude from Lyon, and I've been a Prince fan since I purchased Batman at the tender age of 12, back in July 1989. I've had quite a few careers in my life: writer, publisher, cultural projects manager, musician, tour manager, language teacher... Besides France, I've lived and worked in Cambodia, India and China, and I'm currently freelancing in Berlin as a academic proofreader and copywriter for websites. I don't do much as an artist anymore for now, but if you know French and you want to read/listen to some of my stuff, it's there.

Some of you might also wonder why on Earth would anyone spend so much of their free time doing this?! To give you an idea of the stubborness it requires, compiling and ordering the data for each year of the chronological list took between 12 and 24 hours of work (some years were busier than others). Therefore, with 40 years to cover (not counting pothsumous releases), the first draft of the chronological list took a good 3 months of my life (if you count 8 hours = a day of work). Add to that all the data I'd been gathering for nearly 20 years before I began the project, the proofeading phase, establishing the alphabetical list and the constant corrections/additions, and by the time I'm completely done (if I ever am), I'll probably have devoted 6 months to a year of work to this project. I wish I was paid to do this, but I'm not: it's just a hobbie! So if you wanna thank me, don't send money: help me correct the mistakes, help me fill the gaps and send me digital copies of the songs that you have that I don't!!! Completing both this website and my collection will be a sufficient reward!

Coming back to the "why" question, well... To make a long story short, I've been looking for such a discography since I became a fan and realized how massive Prince's output was, but I never found it anywhere. Some sites and books are quite comprehensive, and Princevault is definitely the ultimate Prince database, but the songs are sorted by categories, and there's always something missing here and there. Some alphabetical lists that I've seen are quite impressive as well, but they're not comprehensive either and, being alphabetical, they don't make much sense from a purely "historical" perspective. So, basically, I've never found a complete chronological or alphabetical list of EVERYTHING (every version, audio and video, Prince and related artists, digital and physical, releases and promos, broadcasts and streaming...). So, well... somebody had to do it! I'm sure many people can use this discography to make their hobby an easier thing and discover many songs or alternate versions that they weren't aware of! This website will be my small, but necessary contribution to Prince's legacy and the Prince fandom.

Prince is important enough an artist to deserve to have his work as documented as possible, and seeing all these songs allows one to realize how impressive his production was. And, as I've already said, seeing them in the chronological order they've been made available allows one to understand it from a historical perspective. It also allows both old and newer fans to remember or understand the adventure that it's been for many of us to seek each and every new song month after month, year after year. Yeah: I got kinda nostalgic when I started working on the early 90's, because I could remember how I felt putting my hands on each and every new release, back then when I had to roam in record stores for hours, looking for CD's, cassettes or vinyls, and asking the clerks and other fans I met if anything new had been released lately (instead of roaming online for hours looking for both information and audio files, as I do now). Now we get everything quite easily with the Internet, but at the time, every new discovery was like a rare gem for us fans, and believe me, it was just SO HARD, if not plain impossible to put one's hands on quite a lot of out of print and confidentially released material. Then, suddenly, most of these rare gems surfaced online in the early 2000's: it was the begining of an intense era for us fans, because nearly everything was at long last easily available, but it became somewhat less adventurous! As some have said before me, the music we listen to is the soundtrack of our lives, so if you're a Prince fan who followed him when he was alive, this site is kind of a reminder of your own life's soundtrack... 

In passing, since I'm sometimes being asked that: legacy is also the reason I chose to not create a proper website or URL for this project, and went for a basic Google site instead: the day I'm gone and I stop paying for it, the site would go offline. This is for posterity, and a simple Google site should survive me. However, if Google sites ever go down or get through an update that trashes the layouts entirely, look for it on the Internet archive, where it should be saved.

Of course, this site is NOT affiliated with the Prince Estate, Paisley Park Enterprises or NPG Records. Neither is it affiliated with any other Prince fansite or organization past and present, including the ones mentioned above.

And I've said it all! So until the Prince Estate actually delivers "more than 500 experiences to choose from" on an official website, please enjoy your experience revisiting Prince's musical journey ;-)