I am back in KC once again!

Welcome to Portia Spanks' Disciplinary Institute. Class is now in session. I am your disciplinarian, Miss Portia Spanks. I am a professional disciplinarian in Kansas City, on both the Kansas and Missouri side of the state line. You may call me Miss Portia, Mistress Portia, or simply just Portia (pronounced poor-shuh). I specialize in domestic style discipline (spanking) specifically for the spanking purist. I have my own private spanking studio (and dungeon) in Kansas City, and I do some traveling for spanking as well.

Many spankos need reassurance that the disciplinarian they choose understands the needs of a spanko, vs. those of a submissive. Rest assured, I understand that a bottom, in spanking terms, is not necessarily a submissive, however a submissive is always a bottom. You see, being a bottom in BDSM/prodomme terms just means you are not the dominant one in the power exchange. That subtle little difference in terminology can lead to some massive miscommunication, but not to worry! I have your backside! (pun intended)

Although spanking is categorized as a form of BDSM, it is an art form all its own.

Welcome to Portia Spanks' Disciplinary Institute boys and girls! Shall we begin?

Miss Portia Spanks,

Professional Disciplinarian, Master of the Spanking Arts, Kinkologist, Kansas City's Designated Hitter, and The Mistress Of Kink