About Me

My name is Portia J Spanks and I practice the exquisite art of spanking in the Kansas City metro area (Kansas and Missouri). I specialize in OTK (over the knee) discipline and punishment for the spanking purist as well as those who like to incorporate additional kink and other fetishes. I utilize a wide variety of wonderful implements, including my bare hand, of course, for both beginners or conditioned bottoms alike. I can also deliver severe corporeal punishment with a smile. I adore role play and though most of my clients are male, I am an equal opportunity Spanker!

I offer a 30 minute session for spank-only type appointments. If you wish to incorporate bondage or other fetishes into a session, 30 minutes is not enough time. The minimum session time needed for additional fetish interests is one hour. I offer 1 hour, 90 min, 2 hour, or even longer sessions, upon request.

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If you would like to be disciplined and/or spanked, please fill out my Application. This is not a suggestion, this is a requirement if you wish to be considered for a spanking session. I do not negotiate my rules or processes with defiant bottoms.