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If for any reason the form above isn't functioning on your device, the application questions are also below for your convenience. Simply follow the instructions.

If you feel you are in need of discipline your first step is to fill out my Spankee Application. I like to make sure that your interests and expectations are a good fit with what I provide. I offer a variety of disciplinary scenarios and vary my discipline methods. This flexibility allows me to match my method to whatever method may best suit the student/spankee in question. I determine the best match from the information you provide in your application. The more I know, the better it will go!

During a session, I remain clothed at all times. I am the TOP at all times, and you are the BOTTOM at all times. Keep in mind that the S in B.D.S.M does not stand for sex.

If you are ready to get started, the spankee application is below for your convenience. Answer the questions and email them to me at I will review the application and email you back within 72 hours, or sooner. Unless your interests have changed significantly since your first application, there is no need to fill out another application for future session appointments. Please note, that it makes things much easier if you contact me from the same email list on your application.

Portia Spanks KC

Spankee’s Application Instructions -- Please copy & paste these questions to your email & respond to ALL questions -- then email it back to me for my consideration. If you have trouble with copy and paste, then just email me your answers.

Confidentiality Disclaimer: All identity information is strictly confidential and for my eyes only, so please be honest and forthcoming with your answers. The information below will help me identify your individual interests and allow me to tailor a session specifically for you. I take confidentiality VERY seriously (both yours and mine).

Personal Information:

Name (First & Last) _____________________________________________________

Email (where you may be reached) _____________________________________________________________________

City and State (don’t need your street address)________________________________

What city do you seek an appointment in? ____________________________________

Phone (where you may be reached, or not) (_____-_____-________)

Okay to call? Yes ___or No___ If Yes, do you require calls from me within specific hours? Please indicate the time period it is ok to call ___________________

How did you learn about my services? _____________________________________________________________________

Are you? _____ male _____ female

Do you have any of the following medical issues? (please X on the line if yes, your physical safety is also VERY important to me)

- ___Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? - ___History of heart disease?

- ___Depression? - ___History of heart attack, stroke or T.I.A.?

- ___Anxiety? - ___Blood clots, history of or have now?

- ___Do you have a pacemaker? -___Bruise easily?

- ___Skin conditions (ringworm, psoriasis, poison ivy, poison oak, sumac, open sores, blisters, etc…)?

- ____Mobility issues (wheelchair bound, unable to climb stairs, limited joint mobility, etc…)?

- ____Are you taking any medications (include any that may make you bruise or mark more easily, any blood thinner medications, etc)?

- ____ Have you ever experienced a shock-like reaction after the endorphin rush obtained from spanking? If so, please explain that experience below.

- ____Do you have any allergies or had any sort of reaction to any medication or food (aspirin, ibuprofen, hot peppers of any kind, essential oils of any kind, latex pvc materials, etc)?

Please explain any items that you checked above: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is your experience level with spanking/ B.D.S.M?

Newbie ___ Some Experience ___ Very Experienced ___

Can you have marks?

No___ Yes, Please___ Only if they disappear quickly___

A few hidden___

Do you enjoy having a reminder (whether feeling sore, bruised or having visible marks) of your spanking the next day? ____yes ____no

Have you visited a professional Top or Spanker before? ____yes ____no

If yes, tell me a little bit about the experience & what you enjoyed or didn’t care for such as pants left around ankles, mouth soaped out, corner time, counting swats or swats done in rhythm, instruments of preference, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If no, please tell me about your experiences to date with spanking & why you are considering a visit with me. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What sort of after care do you prefer or require post spank? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please indicate interests with, or in addition to, spanking below:

Please mark (yes, no, or maybe)

Tribute for spanking sessions:

30 min session $125

1 hour session $250

11/2 hour session $375

Longer sessions by request.