The Pluralist's Guide to Philosophy

Welcome to the Pluralist’s Guide to Philosophy (TPGP)

You’ll find here a survey of expert opinion on the best places to study select sub-fields of philosophy. Our aim is to provide students and their mentors with some informed, crowd-sourced ideas about two things: 1) where any student might productively cultivate an interest in Africana Philosophy, American Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race and Ethnicity, Latin American/Latinx Philosophy, and LGBTQ Philosophy; and 2) where students from traditionally under-represented populations might reasonably expect to find a welcoming environment (as much as philosophers, or graduate programs, are ever welcoming). This site is totally independent of any philosophical organizations.

Having read this far, you probably find yourself with some questions already. You might, for example, be wondering: Why these sub-fields? Or: Why have you given my field this troubling name? Or: Why do we need another guide? Professor Leiter has already given us one, and it is a) perfect and wonderful, or b) proof that no such project can serve aught but evil ends. (a’s and b’s, you know who you are.) Our considered responses to questions like these appear on our FAQ and Methodology pages. But it may be worth saying two things at the start: First, it’s hard to get too much information about studying philosophy, especially at the graduate level, where one’s intellectual life is bound up with one’s professional and material prospects. And second: it is hard just to get good information – good, systematically-gathered information – in the areas we hope to illuminate. In deference to these facts, we humbly offer our assistance to any who might find it useful.