Host a Class

Host Responsibilities

  • Arrange and pay for facility and refreshments;
  • Advertising of the course;
  • Room set-up
  • Collect and accept registrations
  • Forward to PLN a complete name list of attendees and RE ID# 3 days prior to class;
  • Supervise on-site sign-ins;
  • Forward sign-in sheets to PLN within 3 days following class

PLN Responsibilities

  • Provide all course materials;
  • Provide the instructor;
  • Provide a promotional flyer to be reproduced by the host;
  • Maintain attendance records for state verification;
  • Certify attendance with organizations offering designations or course credit;
  • Invoice host after class completion

How To Schedule

Contact Jacqueline Austin at


with the following information:

  • The course you would like taught;
  • A couple of dates you are interested in having the class;
  • The name, address, phone and email address for the contact person.

Instructor: William M. Schlecte

RE Continuing Education

  • 6 Hours | Includes required legal update
  • Course topics include current events and case law
  • Host and students can suggest topics

PLN will charge host (minimum charge is $2,000):

  • $40 for students #1-50
  • $35 for students #51-75
  • $30 for students #76-100
  • $25 for students #101 and up

**$20 per person to just attend a 2 hour legal as part of the 6 hour course

Instructor: William M. Schlecte

RE Legal Update

  • 1 hour, continuing education = $800 flat fee
  • 2 hour, continuing education = $1,000 flat fee
  • 3 hour, continuing education = $1,250 flat fee

Instructor: William M. Schlecte or Laura Dwyer Schlecte

Code of Ethics

  • Approved National Association of REALTORS outline
  • Quadrennial requirement
  • Can be incorporated into 6 hour continuing education course
  • $25 per student (minimum charge of $1,250)

Instructor: Laura Dwyer Schlecte

ABR Designation

  • 12 hours | Michigan Continuing Education
  • 2 day course focusing on the buyer-client relationships including topics:
    • Agency relationships, conflict & disclosures;
    • Working with buyers, services provided;
    • Researching properties;
    • Conflicts of interest;
    • Building the Buyer representation business;
    • Presenting yourself to the buyer;
    • Negotiating
  • Additional REBAC requirements to get ABR Designation:
    • Must complete the 12-hour ABR course
    • Must complete one 6-hour elective course
    • Apply to REBAC for the certification
  • $210 per student (minimum charge of $3,150)

ABR Elective Courses

  • Course topics available:
    • Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA
    • Innovative Marketing
    • eBuyer
    • Relocation
    • Resort & Second Home Markets
    • New Home Sales
    • Real Estate Professional Assistant
  • Electives can be offered separately from or as a third day with the ABR course
  • $95 per student (minimum charge of $1,425)

Instructor: Laura Dwyer Schlecte or Jacqueline Austin

Agent Business Planning

  • 6 hours
  • Interactive course that walks agents through the process of setting up their annual business plan
  • Setting specific goals for themselves with regards to volume, units sold, and other individual business goals
  • $60 per student (minimum charge of $900)

Instructor: Laura Dwyer Schlecte or William M. Schlecte

Effective Negotiations

  • 6 hours
  • $60 per student (minimum charge of $900)