Let's paint en Plein Air!

Creating art "en Plein Air" involves painting outdoors, embracing the challenges, thrills, and addictive joy of the process. Idaho, with an elevation deviation of around 12,000 feet, offers a canvas of diverse landscapes—from meandering rivers to snow-dusted foothills, showcasing the richness of its flora and fauna. Our plein air adventures span the warm embrace of spring, the sizzling heat of summer, the crisp allure of autumn, and the icy beauty of winter.

Plein Air artists are intrepid explorers navigating ever-changing weather, dynamic sunlight, pesky bugs, and other delightful elements of nature. We extend a warm invitation for you to join us on this artistic journey for a day. Among us, you'll discover not only friendly faces but soon-to-be great friends who share the passion for capturing the beauty of Idaho's ever-changing scenery.

Edwards Greenhouse
Plein air painters
Horseshoe Bend
Eagle Plein Air
Katherine Albertson Park

Let's paint outside! Whether you enjoy oil, watercolor, pastels or any other medium, you are always welcome here. PAPI membership is $45 per year or a dual membership with Idaho Watercolor Society is $70. Come join the fun!

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