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What is an AMA?

AMA stands for "ask me anything" - which is Reddit's version of a QnA. The AMA is an open forum where members of the community come together to ask you anything, whether it be related to the topic you put forth or much more.

Why Reddit? is the utmost popular forum site on the web. Reddit is one of the largest social networking/interest group sites on the internet. It is made up of thousands of communities that are created and moderated by volunteers.

r/PS4 is a community of more than 4 million subscribers and we have over 300,000 readers come through the site each day. Making it the largest PlayStation community on the internet. It is a great place for developers, social media managers or industry professionals to interact.

r/PS4 is just a taste of the PlayStation community on Reddit. Communities stretches to specific game communities from AAA Sony exclusives to indie games and everything in between. Along with, PS related services or features and more. We can help get you in touch with other PlayStation communities on Reddit if you would like to host an AMA on a more topical community.

We have hosted a lot of AMA's in the past! Here's an archive of them.

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