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PlantBase.Me wishes to create an opensource environment.

Also a sharing is caring attitude, and a collective way to work on a better environment by arranging locations with plants and plantbased food.

The PlantBase.Me concept was created by an interest to work together.

initiator : Stijn Gabeler from Stijn.Online, online journalist, humanist and Vegan since 8-8-2018 thought about a name.

The name PlantBase stands for eating VEGAN, but also can be a base-platform for plants to grow.

The name also started with the initials PB, so this was something to use for profiling, planning and producing vegan data managment online.

The concept is:

1. To get people more interested in the vegan lifestyle. Inform people,

Provide content online and make it possible for people to connect and communicate to the platform.

Step 2 would be : To get people connected to the platform and to organisations which are already providing vegan products, services or information and education.

Step 3 : During the proces the concept could initiate some merchandising to sell and earn more money with.

Step 4: While selling products, services, and arranging events, meetups, congresses, festivals or other big gatherings for vegan awareness and activists, it would be great to also make a total platform for media coverage, online podcasters, vloggers, bloggers and journalists-writers could gather to provide news on local, regional, national and international levels about veganism, plantbased lifestyle and a way to become more tolerant, non-violent in communication and to get the message to all people.

Step 5: as we see the future from now to 2020, 2030, 2040 and up to 2050 some goals, plans and missions are about to be created.

People who gather and join, investors, sponsors, donations for fieldworkers, animal protection, wild-life protection, nature-protection and new ways to create more plantbased food,fitness, fashion, films, feasts