Connect with Me,... (PlantBase.Me) - Dutch version

Me is anyone who is interested in a more plantbased world.

Focus on health, good energy, great experiences.

At PlantBase.Me it is not about Me-Myself and I.

Together we can stand strong and create a global conciousness.

Sharing knowledge, awareness, insight, Changing data into action and results.

Creating a change, making it possible. working together .. PlantBase.Me Locations

Help to find locations where it is possible to create a PlantBase environment.

If you need some coaching, to get your mind straight, focus on the 3 thing you need to say to yourself.

1. i want this

2. i need this

3. i will take it.

If you want to stop a bad habbit, end an addiction or take a distance from a problem.

1. i don't want this

2. i don't need this

3. i don't take this

If you wish to get personal coaching from Stijn.Online, add yourself to the COACHING group on Whatapp

Start with introducing yourself :

Write your name



Which questions you have about life

What you would like to change about yourself

Tell something about the things you see as difficult

What you would like to change

What support you hope for