Numerology For Names - your ultimate guide to deciphering your destiny

Are you lost, and looking for direction?

Does it seem like everything is random, like there is no great plan for you?

Does the universe seem chaotic, unkind and a little bit mean?

Would you like to know what your life may have in store for you?

While using numerology for names doesn’t claim to have all the specific answers. Using numerology for names can act as a guide to slip into a lifestyle that best fits you and works with the universe.

By unlocking the ancient secrets of numerology and plugging in our own name, we can discover how we best work, play, date and anything else you could think of!

Numerology can gives us a direction we lacked before, it can help us interpret and speak with the universe and give meaning to our lives…

Wouldn’t you like to know what your soul is trying to tell you? Wouldn’t you like to know your soul’s purpose and intention for having manifested here on this earth in this life?

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What is Numerology Exactly?

Numerology is the ancient art of using numbers to interpret and translate into patterns we can understand, the meaning of our universe.

Ancient societies and secret religious sects have been using numerology for names for thousands of years. The Hebrews, Sumerians, Chaldeans, Greeks, Hindus and Egyptians have all used this ancient art to figure out the hidden messages of the universe and of sacred writings.

Numerology posits that every number has a special vibration and because the universe is made up of matter which is constantly vibrating, we can use these vibrations to divine what numbers REALLY mean.

How Can Knowing Our Numerology for Names Improve Our Lives?

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

Or do you ever feel like you are living the wrong life?

This could be due to you doing that very thing.

With using numerology with names you can divine from the universe what you should be doing, being or acting. It’s not an exact science, but this little bit of guidance can be just the thing we need to improve and enrich our lives.

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The Numerology of 1 - The Leader

You’re passionate about leading and bringing others with you on the road to greatness. You work well in teams and thrive under pressure and challenges.

Someone with this number possesses a high level of creativity and individuality. You will not endure any sort of conformity, while you are a leader you must lead in the style in which you feel most natural. You will always bend, but never break.

Your greatest goal in life is to manifest your dreams, goals and visions into reality.

The Advantages of the Numerology of 1

  • Driven to lead others to great success

  • Possesses great vision and creativity

  • Passion will be a hugely valuable source of energy

The Challenges of the Numerology of 1

  • Others may not see your vision, or understand your ambition at first. You must be patient and wait for others to catch up to you, while extending a helping hand

  • Your high level of individuality may rub others the wrong way, who prefer to conform and not stand out

The Numerology of 2 - The Diplomat

Leaning towards the more feminine traits, you possess a finely honed intuition which enables you to mediate conflict and bond deeply with others.

You strive to maintain a healthy balance within yourself, your personal relationships and the relationships of others around you. This often puts you into the role of peacemaker, diplomat and mediator. Your finely honed intuition allows you to see what others can’t, and to build and mend bridges with your natural level of patience and understanding.

You don’t necessarily shy away from conflict, nor do you welcome it. But you understand it, realising that often destruction brings re-construction, synergy and something better. Just like a broken bone knits itself stronger than before, so too do you re-build and improve the integrity of the things around you.

The Advantages of Numerology of 2

  • Your finely honed intuition allows you to pick up on things that others miss

  • Your are generative and a net gain to all those around you through your caring and understanding presence

  • You embrace the ebbs and flows, highs and lows of life with resilience

The Challenges of The Numerology of 2

  • Sometimes you may be too-passive for a situation due to your observational nature

  • You may fall into ‘paralysis by analysis’ as you are privy to much more information than others can see

  • Your high level of intuition also means you can become overly-sensitive and vulnerable

The Numerology of 3 - The Communicator

Your natural energy lends you towards being an extrovert. You move through the world with a sense of purpose, elegance and grace. You are fully present when communicating with others, but when it’s your turn you turn to a sense of drama and flair to project the message you are trying to get across.

You are optimistic and open, sometimes to the point of naivete. You are warm, open and magnetic to all those around you. Your skills lay in that of communication, making people feel listened to and heard.

The Advantages of The Numerology of 3

  • Your grace, openness and warmth radiates and affects those around you

  • Your extroverted nature makes it easy for you to meet strangers and thrive in new situations

  • People feel listened to and heard by you

The Challenges of The Numerology of 3

  • Often due to your optimistic nature and positivity you can be a little too naive or trusting. This means sometimes you get hurt by putting yourself out there.

The Numerology of 4 - The mentor

You are a really ‘salt-of-the-earth’ type person. You are dependable, resilient and have a great work ethic. Often you are put into leadership roles, not necessarily because you want them but because you provide such a great example to those around you that you are the inevitable choice for such a position.

You work best when you have well defined structure and boundaries. While you aren’t overly imaginative, your practical-mind works well with dreamers and visionaries as you possess the type of mind and nuts-and-bolts thinking to turn dreams into realities. This puts you in a great position to teach and coach others.

The Advantages of the Numerology of 4

  • You’re dependable and resilient

  • Your plans almost always work as you are pragmatic and practically minded

  • You can help others turn their dreams into reality

  • You are a great teacher

The Challenges of the Numerology of 4

  • Sometimes your lack of imagination can put a limit on what you think you can achieve

  • You can oftentimes have a hard time understanding and relating to visionary and dreamer-types.

The Numerology of 5 - The Bohemian Spirit

You crave freedom, travel, fun experiences and novelty.

Your spirit wants to have as many different kinds of experiences as possible, without feeling tied down for too long to any one sort of career or profession.

This means you will have many jobs and careers throughout your life, live in many different places and meet all kinds of people.

Your insatiable curiosity and wanderlust is what powers your spirit, and your magnetism and love of meeting others feeds your soul.

The Advantages of The Numerology of 5

  • Everything always seems like an adventure to you, you know how to make the mundane exciting and interesting for you and those around you

  • You will have many more experiences in your life than the average person

  • Your insatiable curiosity means you are well-read, well-learned and a knowledgeable person

The Challenges of The Numerology of 5

  • You find it hard to stay in one place or job for too long. You may find it hard to commit to anything for an extended period of time

  • Relationships may be hard to nurture to a certain depth due to your wandering spirit and need to move around

The Numerology of 6 - The Caretaker

You have a natural predisposition to taking care and nurturing those around you. People often come to you for advice, counselling and healing. They know your presence, warmth and caring nature is something that they can rely on.

You make an art-form of caring for people, you see much more beauty in the mundane world of people and places than many others can. You see everyday beauty in the people you love and care for. You also tend to have an affinity for bonding and caring for animals and pets.

The Advantages of the Numerology of 6

  • You will never be short of trustworthy friends and family due to your own caring nature

  • What seems average and boring to others can seem beautiful and fulfilling to you

  • Your spirit warms and heals those around you

The Challenges of the Numerology of 6

  • Beware of energy vampires, people who can identify your nature and are ready to take advantage of it

  • Some people may not understand and see what you see in others, be patient

The Numerology of 7 - The Mystic

You will seek out, or have already experienced transcendent spiritual experiences. You are obsessed with knowing more, finding out the truth about what lays beyond. Your spirit is finely tuned to realms beyond our own understanding and you may find that you have experiences that are hard to describe in words.

Self-love and trust is very important to you as you navigate the spiritual realms largely alone. You enjoy your own company and are fulfilled by your own spiritual journey and quests.

If you find that your number is 7, yet you haven’t had any transcendent spiritual experiences. You may be skewed more towards that of an investigator, an analyzer and an intuitive. You have an eye for details, you’re thorough and pursue excellence in your work. You pickup on the details that others miss

The Advantages of the Numerology of 7

  • Spiritual experiences will be more accessible and natural to you than to others

  • You’re likely very thorough with whatever you do, gaining you a reputation for excellence

  • You enjoy your own company, you lovingly craft your internal world, thoughts and emotions

The Challenges of the Numerology of 7

  • Being a 7 can often be a lonely journey, your quest for perfection or spiritual transcendence may alienate others. That is why it is important to develop a loving relationship with yourself.

The Numerology of 8 - The Achiever

Achievement is in your blood and spirit. You long to set goals, stick to a plan and achieve fantastic results. Your ambition and vision if adhered to will bring you great material abundance.

You’re destined to lead large groups of people, most likely some sort of a company in a great endeavor that will reward you both spiritually and with financial abundance. You strive for balance though, feeling your great ambition you know you must temper this with great spiritual nourishment.

The Advantages of The Numerology of 8

  • When you set a goal, make a plan and stick to it.. There’s nothing you can’t achieve

  • You have an ability to inspire and make something out of nothing

  • You will likely be rewarded with great abundance if you adhere to your vision

The Challenges of The Numerology of 8

  • Your ambition may alienate those who don’t understand it

  • You may become out of balance if special care is not applied to your spirit

  • The great thing you build or achieve could be co-opted for bad reasons, guard it well

The Numerology of 9 - The Seer

You tend to have a very well-balanced perspective and giving nature. This lends you to being someone that people go to for advice, and you enjoy giving it. You are a philosopher at heart and love to dive deep into the workings of the human mind, heart and spirit.

When people are done talking with you they feel listened to, but also lighter. Literally enlightened. You have a way of phrasing things that speaks to their hearts and bypasses their minds.

The Advantages of The Numerology of 9

  • You have a special way of talking directly to people's hearts

  • You tend to have a more balanced and wider perspective than others

The Challenges of The Numerology of 9

  • You must remember to apply your wisdom and advice to yourself, lest you risk becoming a hypocrite

  • Never assume you can see everything, while you have a well-balanced perspective you must acknowledge that everyone has blind spots

The Numerology of 11 - The Wizard

As an 11, you are fantastically intuitive. You have great natural instincts. You are very charismatic, and through your strong spirit you are able to radiate out and be very influential over others. You are likely destined to be a great spiritual leader and teacher. You will lead others to a level of transcendence.

The Advantages of The Numerology of 11

  • You are persuasive, charismatic and influential

  • You have great natural instincts

The Challenges of The Numerology of 11

  • Due to your influence and powers of persuasion, you must keep your ego in check

  • You will encounter people along your journey who won’t share your same beliefs, you must learn to let go and move on from them

The Numerology of 22 - The Master Builder

22 is a master number, and are often referred to as “Master-builders”.

22’s are destined to be highly influential people who can affect the world on a grand scale. It’s important that you maintain a strong physical exercise regime and methods of de-stressing due to all the responsibilities you will inevitably have to take on.

22’s are destined to build large companies, run good charities or obtain high levels of leadership both privately and in governments.

The Advantages of the Numerology of 22

  • You will never run out of things to do or hills to climb

  • You are highly influential and ambitious, this will give you limitless energy if focused correctly

  • You are a master manifestor due to your clarity of vision

The Challenges of the Numerology of 22

  • Don’t let ego get in the way. Don’t assume things will easily be handed to you. Clarity of vision and pure intent will be necessary on your journey

  • Remember to take care of your physical health. You will work long hours and can’t afford to neglect yourself


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