The Numerology of 3 - The IN-DEPTH Guide To Lifepath Number 3

To understand numerology is to understand each of its individual nine symbols…

From 1 through to the number 9, each symbol tells it’s own story and can even be combined with others to provide us further information and even predicitons to our higher calling and lifepath.

The number 3 is one of these numbers, in this article today we are going to cover:

  • What your Lifepath and Soul’s calling as a numerology of 3 will likely be

  • The personality of number 3’s

  • How the numerology of 3 works for relationships and marriage

  • How the numerology of 3 affects parenthood, your career and career opportunities

  • What the numerology of 3 means in Indian numerology

Table of Contents

Your Lifepath and Soul’s Calling as a Number 3

Your lifepath is a reflection of your soul’s yearning, deeper purpose and calling. Your lifepath number is the number that reveals your deepest values, personality and calling.

The lifepath of that of a 3 is that of unrestrained creativity. To a 3, the need to express creativity and imagination is as important as breathing or drinking water. Due to this unbridled creativity, 3’s may find their attention pulled in all directions meaning you’ll often start a lot of projects but rarely end up finishing them unless your focus is practiced and disciplined.

It is highly likely that the lifepath of a 3 means that you will create some great work of art, something that inspires or motivates people to do better and to be better. This could be a painting, a television show or movie, a play, music and the list goes on.

The important point is that if you feel drawn to create something large and creative, don’t be intimidated by how impossible the task may seem, this is your soul’s calling talking to you.

Advantages of the Lifepath of 3

  • You will feel amazing as you channel your creativity and manifest it into the world

  • You will network and meet many wonderful, unique and creative people

  • Your positivity and youthful energy is infectious and will energize those around you

Challenges of the Lifepath of 3

  • If your creativity becomes stifled, you will feel stressed and stagnant until you can uncork it again

  • You may struggle at first to connect to your great creative projects, be persistent and maintain faith that you will find inspiration eventually

The Personality of Numerology Number 3

The numerology of 3 means that you are endlessly creative. Like I said earlier, if you don’t stream that creativity into the world you will feel blocked and stressed so it’s essential you at least one creative endeavour you are working towards.

3’s are endlessly optimistic, with a youthful energy and vigor for life that is contagious. You create a positive atmosphere wherever you go and people love to be around you and feel your energy.

Due to this, you are a natural charmer and networker. 3’s can’t help but make a large network of good friends, romantic partners and trusted colleagues.

Your optimism and creativity also naturally lend to your creative thinking ability. You see solutions to challenges that others become stuck on. Your out-of-the-box thinking is highly valued and seen as a highly admirable trait. Your curious nature and probing questions endears you to others as people appreciate your interest in them.

The Advantages of The Personality of 3

  • Highly charismatic and positive communication style means you inspire those around you and maintain a positive vibe wherever you go

  • You are a great networker and make friends and allies effortlessly

  • Creative thinking comes so naturally to you, you lend a fresh perspective to any project

Challenges of the Personality of 3

  • Other lower-vibration people may become jealous and envious of your ability to effortlessly communicate and make friends

  • Your creative thinking can often time buck-tradition and culture if you are working in teams. Prepare to stand your ground and receive push-back for your out of the box ideas and thinking

  • You may find it hard to divide the time and give enough attention to the sheer amount of friends and people that you meet and inspire. Don’t take it personally if some get offended at the lack of attention you can give them. They will come around

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

Or do you ever feel like you are living the wrong life?

This could be due to you doing that very thing.

With using numerology with names you can divine from the universe what you should be doing, being or acting. It’s not an exact science, but this little bit of guidance can be just the thing we need to improve and enrich our lives.

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The Number 3 in Relationships and Marriage

Due to 3’s tending to be social butterflies, it’s essential that you find a partner who is comfortable with meeting people, and experiencing new and exciting things.

Often their relationships are doomed to fail due to a 3 becoming involved with a homebody, an introvert or someone who doesn’t enjoy new experiences.

3’s are also very flirty. If this makes your partner uncomfortable it can cause many issues in the future. Simply stifling this urge can make you feel inhibited and unhappy, you must take care to explain this to your romantic partners.

Beware of letting your long-term relationships become stale, you must spice them up by going out and doing new things or else mundane domestic chores will wear on you and cause tension in your relationship.

The Advantages of The Numerology of 3 in Relationships and Marriage

  • Your relationships will be full of excitement and new experiences

  • Your positive outlook and optimism will rub off on your partner, you’ll likely attract someone who is like this too

The Challenges of The Numerology of 3 in Relationships and Marriage

  • If your partner is the more introverted type you will become bored and start looking for a way out

  • Beware of becoming bored, don’t let mundane tasks wear on you. Find an exciting new thing to do, or find a way to spice something old up

The Number 3 for Parenthood

As a Number 3 parent, your children’s days will be filled with excitement. Your personality type lends to playing and enjoying imaginative games with your kids and discussing and really taking an interest in their days.

You’ll find it easy to see your child’s perspective due to your optimism, creativity and imagination rather than take a condescending traditional parenting approach. This will endear you to your kids and they will likely feel more comfortable opening up to you.

It is important though that once the shine of parenting has worn off somewhat that you don’t let your children’s lives take a backseat to your own social life. As a 3, the demands of parenthood can wear on your need to be social and make friends.

Find a way to make this win/win. Meet other parents, goto school meetings and throw parties. This will help you fill your social quota.

The Advantages of The Numerology of 3 in Parenting

  • You will find it very fun to play with your kids due to your imagination and endless positive energy

  • You will find it easy to see from your children’s perspective, and they will feel comfortable opening up to you

The Challenges of The Numerology of 3 in Parenting

  • You must take great care not to let your duties to your child be overshadowed by your need for social interaction. Try to make it both work

The Number 3 for Career and Career Opportunities

3’s do not follow the traditional career path that most lifepath numbers will.

3’s are often bohemian and freer spirits than most. Meaning that often 3’s will hold a job or career for as long as it interests them and then move on, valuing a wealth of experiences over the wealth of finances.

Most likely the job they will choose will not be a rigid 9-5 or have an oppressive corporate structure. 3’s thrive in creative and looser environments, and stuffy office jobs where they can’t move around or innovate just won’t do and could cause depression or mental angst.

Jobs and careers that most suit a 3 include:

  • Actors, writers, dancers and musicians

  • Politicians

  • Public speakers or public relations officers

  • Teachers

  • An flexible sales position

The Advantages of a Lifepath Number 3 for Career

  • You will naturally drift towards much more creative jobs that lean towards flexible hours and structure

  • All your jobs will involve meeting a lot of new people and developing relationships with them

  • Your job will involve creative thinking and problem solving

The Challenges in The Lifepath Number 3 for Career

  • Your need for new experiences will often mean you won’t last long in a job once you’ve lost interest

  • You will have to balance your need for a wealth of new experiences with the more realistic and pressing need of personal finances

  • You may rub some people the wrong way by leaving a perfectly good job for reasons that people might not understand

The Number 3 in Indian Numerology

In Indian Numerology your ruling planet as a 3 is Jupiter.

Your friendly numbers include: 1, 2, 3 and 9

Your lucky day is Thursday, and your lucky color is Yellow

Your preferred metal is Gold and your Karmic Lesson is that of selfless service to your fellow man.

The number 3 in indian numerology is that of balance, you are wildly creative but also careful not to go too far off the deep end and lose all the structure and stability you need.


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