The Volunteer Rewards program is officially over; however, we will continue to give our rewards while supplies last.

Volunteer Rewards Program Guidelines

  • Rewards are extra prizes that are over and above the regular Pine Hill vouchers you earn for volunteering.
  • Earn reward hours (in increments of 0.5 hours) by volunteering at any of schooling or USEA horse trials at Pine Hill
  • Actual (not scheduled) volunteer hours will be used to calculate reward hours
  • Reward hours are cumulative
  • Prizes are awarded when you reach the reward level (for example, you will be awarded a C4 key chain when you reach 20 reward hours)
  • Each volunteer can only earn one prize for each reward level
  • Reward hours are tracked in the Volunteer Rewards Program Tracking Sheet (see below)
  • Questions about the Volunteer Rewards Program or corrections to the tracking sheet should be directed to the Pine Hill volunteer coordinators


2019_02 Volunteer Reward Program.pdf

Volunteer Rewards Program Tracking Sheet

Volunteer Reward Program - Tracking Sheet