Pine Hill is available for open schooling several weekends during the year and otherwise by appointment

These schooling days provide riders with use of the riding facilities at Pine Hill during daylight hours. It is imperative that all riders under the age of 21 be supervised by a qualified full time adult instructor who is familiar with the minor student's situation. The instructor must carry liability insurance that extends their coverage to schooling at Pine Hill. By signing the release of liability for a minor, the instructor assumes all liability for those they are instructing and holds Pine Hill harmless for any incident that might result from their activities while at Pine Hill. NOTE: Rider's being coached by a USEA ICP Certified Instructor may take a $5 discount on their Open Schooling Fee.

Before tacking up your horse make sure you have properly completed Open Schooling Release Form and filed it in the 'box' at the secretaries' booth at the pavilion.Additional blank forms are available there. A schedule of fees for schooling and stabling are included in the release. Please staple your payment to the release. It is imperative that anyone mounted wear an approved riding helmet with attached chin strap and boots with heels. Cross Country vests are available to borrow at no charge and they are highly recommended when schooling cross country. We have a variety of sizes at the secretary's office.  Inquire when you arrive.

Dangerous or abusive riding is not acceptable and will be dealt with harshly.

To make an appointment for open schooling, contact us at or call us at 979 865 5591.

Please keep in mind that you are visiting our home as well as our business -- call ahead to schedule private schooling times -- we will confirm your schooling date if we are open for schooling on the date you have chosen.

Open Schooling Release Form

Please Note: Price Increase effective January 1, 2024.



What you might expect in the way of facility at an open school differs somewhat from what you'd see at a competition.

Please make note of the following:

There will be no emergency medical support on grounds during an open school. For this reason it is important that you not school alone. The best policy is to have someone on the ground to accompany each group of riders. This individual might best be equipped with a working cell phone that will service the Bellville area. In case of accident we are in a '911'  service area. The ground person should be familiar with the directions to Pine Hill. In addition to calling '911' it is advisable to report the situation to the Austin County Sheriff at 979 865 3112 as well.

Since you can't expect obstacles to be numbered as during a competition, it is important that each obstacle be inspected prior to jumping. Any obstacle that is not flagged with a red and white should not be jumped. This includes obstacles under construction or in need of repair. Check the galloping lanes and approaches to obstacles for high grass, fallen branches, etc. You probably won't be the only one on the course so be very careful when working at speed or when jumping multiple obstacles.

Pay particular attention to the conditions. If it has been dry the ground will be hard and the grass slick. If it's been wet there will be places where it will be slick or deep. A good practice is to inspect the course on your horse as part of your warm up routine.

A competition imposes a 'plan' for you. It governs how much and what you will do with your horse. You should have a plan for your open school as well. Pay particular attention to how much you ask of your horse and yourself. Keep track of how many obstacles you've jumped under the conditions that exist on that particular day. Don't get in a rush. Take breaks. Keep your horse and yourself comfortable and fresh.

Dog Policy

To insure everyone has a safe and fun experience schooling at Pine Hill we ask that when schooling at Pine Hill you do not let your dogs run loose on grounds when other parties are schooling. 

Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome. Ill-behaved dogs not on leashes are not welcome and will be asked to leave.