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These awards recognize contributions to the band program which we hope will act as motivation and inspiration for each successive generation of band students. Being an exceptional musician is only one way to be a great band member. We hope that our awards and recognition acknowledge a spectrum of qualities, skills and efforts that help make our students and our program better.

Students can earn graduation cords:

  • 4 years of reliable participation in Marching band (Light Blue and Silver)

  • 4 years of reliable participation in Concert Band (Light Blue)

  • 3 years of reliable participation in Student Band Council (including Senior year)

Senior awards are nominated by other band members

  • Must have a "clean record" of participation

  • Must have established a good record of attendance

“PHN Hall of Fame”

  • Band President

  • Senior Drum major(s)

“Perpetual Plaques” (see below)

Based on many qualities which may include one or many of these

  • Musicianship

  • Leadership

  • Reliability

  • Work Ethic

  • Determination

  • Spirit

Things that might make students *ineligible* for any awards listed here:

  • Problematic class or performance attendance

  • Behavior in or out of band which could reflect negatively on the organization.

Because band has so many section leaders, there is no formal recognition for them in “sports Captains.” Plus, we are not a “sport,” so there’s that.

The Winter Guard and Winter Drum Line may choose to present awards at the Spring Band Banquet. There is no standing, perpetual award for these groups.

The marching band issues awards to those that satisfactorily complete their marching seasons:

1 year: “BAND” pin

2 years: “Varsity Letter”

3rd and 4th year: “Service Bars” to be added to varsity letter

Concert Season "Perpetual Plaques"

“Boonie” Award - Marching Band Season (2)

This award is named after Brian Boone, one of our band dads that could always be found on the sidelines, building things in his shop, painting props, or just enjoying performances. He passed away on his way from work heading to one of our band events. This award is presented to students who unselfishly commit their time to the program, not for reward, not for notoriety, but because they love our program, they truly love helping people, and they know it is just the right thing to do

John Philip Sousa (1)

Introduced in 1955 to honor a high achieving student in the high school band, the John Philip Sousa Band Award recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication. It was created with the approval of Helen Sousa Albert and Priscilla Sousa, daughters of the famous composer and bandmaster.

Clarence Wade Musicianship Award (1)

Awarded to a student who achieves a high level of musical performance and involvement.

Students such as these make, through their participation, effort, and activities, great contributions to the Port Huron Northern Bands.

Departmental Award (1)

Awarded to the student that best represents the ideals and goals of the Northern Husky band program: high level of participation, a great attitude, musical achievement, and a great spirit of volunteerism.

Director's Award (?)

Presented to band members for outstanding contribution to the program through a combination of musicianship, volunteerism, work ethic, attitude, discipline, and commitment.

Patrick Gilmore Award (1)

The Gilmore Band Award was introduced in 1994 in honor of the legendary bandmaster and impresario. Patrick Gilmore (1829-1892) and his band joined General Burnside’s expedition

to North Carolina in the Civil War. Gilmore also played for every president of his day, including Abraham Lincoln. This Award acknowledges high achievement and Commitment to band.

Heart of the Husky (?)

For doing the work reliably, quietly, and consistently, and

providing the lifeblood of the Northern Bands.

Quincy Jones (1)

In his long musical career Quincy Jones has done it all as a composer, arranger, performer, producer, and teacher. Every music program has those students who share this superior musicianship, boundless energy and musical versatility. With his approval this award was initiated to encourage students in their pursuit of music.

Semper Fi (2)

Presented to a musician with a high degree of proficiency on an instrument developed through practice and rehearsal, who maintains good grades and who devotes time to extra-curricular needs of the band. In doing so, the high school musician displays traits the Marines consider essential: Endurance, Knowledge, Unselfishness, Dependability, Enthusiasm and Loyalty. This is a tradition that dates back to the days of John Phillips Sousa and his role in making the Marine Corps Band a premiere musical unit it is today, The President’s Own Band.