PhD course on Subjective Beliefs, Attention and Economic Behavior (March 15-17 2023) in Copenhagen

Organisers: Felix Chopra, Ingar Haaland, Chris Roth, Sonja Settele, and Johannes Wohlfart

Lecture slides

Lecture 1 (Chris Roth): Designing Information Provision Experiments [pdf]

Lecture 2 (Johannes Wohlfart): Mental models of the macroeconomy [pdf]

Lecture 3 (Sonja Settele): Beliefs and life choices [pdf]

Lecture 4 (Chris Roth): Narratives and belief formation [pdf]

Lecture 5 (Felix Chopra): Home price expectations [pdf]

Lecture 6 (Ingar Haaland): Political narratives [pdf]

Lecture 7 (Felix Chopra): Media, information demand, and beliefs [pdf, pdf]

Lecture 8 (Johannes Wohlfart): Expectations about stock returns [pdf] 

Lecture 9 (Ingar Haaland): Beliefs about returns to active investing [pdf]

Lecture 10 (Sonja Settele): Beliefs and policy views [pdf]