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LFTBODLTR - Learn From The Best Or Die Like The Rest

'Imposter Syndrome' Dr Jordan Peterson ... https://youtube.com/shorts/iaY8mBgMtH4 

Dressing as an adult ... beyond 16 and shy ... learn 'How to dress as a (GREAT) farmer if YOU are a farmer.'

audiobook narrator:

The House of Colbert Story ... Chapter 1

A young boy of 15 yrs old got kicked out of his parents home and off their farm for 'being' a bigot/a child disappointment or failure/a bastard child/an unwanted or unworthy child for whatever reason/just gay. He walked to town thinking, there has to be better opportunities somewhere there. After walking around town much of that afternoon, he found a couple of refrigerator shipping cover boxes he thought he could make use of. He also found a secluded spot behind the Nelson Motel where he could place the cardboard refrigerator boxes and also secure some heat from the dryer exhaust vent(s). 

His first night in his new cardboard home was scary but comfortable. That night he started thinking, he needed to get a job. If he got a job in a restaurant he could eat there, if he got a job in construction, he could build himself a better shack to live in, if he got a job at the bank, he could learn how to take control of the world with skills in banking, so he did all three.

The next day he walked to the local recreation centre and showered. Then he went and got three jobs.

Within 2 months of working the three jobs, he had 1) built a 'Single Family Office' shed to 'live' in, 2) figured out 'it doesn't take much food to keep you alive' or $13.5 per day x 365 days = $4,927.50 per year, 3) 3 jobs or (40 hrs banking + (4 x 7) = 28 hrs restaurant (evenings) + 16 hrs construction (weekends))  = 40 + 28 + 16 = 84 hrs per week x $15 per hour = $1,260 per week or $65,520 per year

$65,520 - $4,927.50 = $60,592.50 divided by 3% = $2,019,750 investment loan for GOLD bullion

He was fed ($4,927.50) and he paid NO TAX ($60,592.50 income - $60,592.50 investment loan expense = $0.00 Net Income) BUT (and there is always a 'but') the investment in GOLD bullion resulted a 'potential' capital GAIN of ($2,019,750 divided by $1,725 per ounce = 1,170 ounces of GOLD x $1,910 = $2,234,700) ... $2,234,700 - $2,019,750 = $214,950 capital gain or pro'ph'et ( ph = f )

Once he figured out the 'very low risk' way to make money off the 'hard way to earn money' (time, labour and sweat), he decided to share the knowledge. So, he started a company named POORandyx GOLD Holdings Ltd. and then operated it as a GOLD bullion investment bank.

First within his community: He recruited 1,551 people from the community. He would sell each of them a (Backyard 'Single Family Office' Shed) for $12,000. They deposit the $12,000. into the company named POORandyx GOLD Holdings Ltd. ($12,000 - $4,927.50 = $7072.50 divided by 3% = $235,750) so, ($235,750 divided by $1,725 per ounce = 136.67 ounces of GOLD x $1,910 = $261,040) ... $261,040 - $235,750 = $25,290 capital gain or pro'ph'et ( ph = f )

1,551 x $25,283.33 = $39,214,450 capital gain or pro'ph'et ( ph = f ) to the community (year 1)

50% of 'realized' Capital Gains are taxable so, 50% x $25,290 = $12,645 is taxable BUT each person (in the 1,551 families) is allowed to earn (about) $12,000 tax FREE every year so, NO TAXES on any of the $39,214,450 capital gain allocated to each  person's original $12,000 investment.

Secondly within his country: Canada has a population of about 38,010,000 people or about 10,500,000 families. $265,475,000,000 capital gain or pro'ph'et ( ph = f )

After each family is on-board the program, addressing each member with-in the families can be addressed. (38,010,000 - 10,500,000) = 27,510,000 x $25,283.33 capital gain or pro'ph'et ( ph = f ) per person is $695,544,408,300.00

Thirdly with the planet: 

The House of Colbert Story ... Chapter 2

After getting everyone  on the same page with a 'Single Family Office shed', it was time to build each families 'keep your money in YOUR bank account lesson'. House insurance is a GREAT CONCEPT (idea) but it is a scam. Insurance companies claim it costs $325+ per sq ft to build a new building (eg. house) so they charge you $0.848 per sq ft for insurance (year after year). eg. my house 1,368 sq ft x $0.848 = $1,160 insurance or $1,160 x 80% (20% goes to agency fee) = $928 divided by 1% = $92,800 investment loan for GOLD bullion divided by $1,725 (spot GOLD price 1/1/22)  = 53.797 ounces GOLD bullion x $1,910 (spot GOLD price 12/31/22) = $102,752 - $92,800 = $9,952 capital gain or pro'ph'et (ph=f)

The House of Colbert Story ... Chapter 3

'Low Risk' investment:

1) farmland: (rent price per acre - property taxes) divided by ((farmland & grain storage) tax assessment divided by number of cultivated acres) = 4.0% ROI

2) GOLD bullion: daily spot price over 365 days ... GOLD bullion is trending UP or DOWN over time

either producing a capital gain or pro'ph'et (ph=f) or a (loss)