Amp Invite : 3-1, defeated Jughandle, Rally, Amp and fell to Space Heater

Pro-Elite Challenge : 15th-ish, 5th in spirit

Elite Select Challenge : 14th, fell to Steamboat in 13th place bracket

Sectionals: 1st, defeated Loco in finals

Regionals : Tied for 5th (weather, tie with Rally), lost to Jughandle in backdoor semis (11-12)

after falling to Space Heater in semis (11-13)


Charm City Classic : 3rd, went 5-2, defeated Ant Madness, Dub Club, Tyrannis, Clue & Sparkle Ponies, lost to AMP & Ambiguous Grey

Pro-Elite Challenge : 14th, lost to the Chad Larson Experience in 13th place game

Elite Select Challenge : 7th, defeated Bang! in 7th place game

Regionals : 2nd, lost (Jed Farber sucks) to AMP in finals


Cin City : 2nd, lost to Steamboat in finals

Elite Select Challenge : 2nd, lost to Steamboat in finals

Pro-Elite Challenge : 11th, defeated 7 Figures in 11th place game

Sectionals : 2nd, lost to Bang in finals

Regionals : 1st, defeated Ambiguous Grey in finals

Nationals : 13th, defeated Love Tractor in 13th place game

Formerly known as The Muff 'n Men:


Northeast Mixed : 1st, defeated Mixed Nuts in finals

Philly Invite XL : 2nd, lost to Metro North in finals

Chesapeake Open : 3rd/4th, lost to Metro North in semifinals

Sectionals : 1st, defeated Bang! in finals

Regionals : 5th, lost to AMP in 2nd place quarters

28-5, Ranked 14th Nationally


2014 : Regionals 5th, Sectionals 1st

2013 : 30-13 Regionals 5th, Sectionals 3rd

2012 : 11-15 Regionals 7th, Sectionals 3rd

2011 : 14-13 Regionals 5th, Sectionals 5th

2010 : 22-22 Regionals 5th, Sectionals 3rd

2009 : 22-22 Regionals 7th, Sectionals 5th

2008 : 27-18 Regionals 13th, Sectionals 5th

2007 : 21-22 Sectionals 7th