The PghMixed Program

The Pittsburgh Mixed Club Ultimate Program is comprised of three, tiered coed teams based out of Pittsburgh, PA: Alloy Ultimate (formerly known as the Muff 'n Men), Crucible Ultimate (formerly known as Dix 'y Chix), and a brand-new third team (name TBD!).

The program stands behind the idea of synergy: that the combined product is greater than the sum of its separate elements. Team leaders are committed to devising systems based on what will help the team reach its combined potential while also ensuring that every player is growing individually.

Our program is looking for talented players who are willing to invest in the program: learn new systems with new teammates, value personal development while helping teammates realize their own goals, and work hard for each other on and off the field.

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Crucible / / @pghcrucible

I79 / @I79club / @I79ultimate