Jonathan Selby: Stroke Correction expert, Personal Swim Coach, and Swim Analyst consultant.

He helps professional Swimmers and Triathletes improve their results and realise their full potential.

I was a very ordinary swimmer for many years. I trained hard, but I could never reach the goals and objectives I felt were within my reach. Many people and coaches had advice on what to do, but none of their suggestions worked. Then one day something happened to change my approach to swimming completely. Suddenly I was able to see what I was doing in the water, and I realised that what "felt" right did not necessarily reflect the reality of what was happening in the water.

After three years of research and testing, I developed a method not only to help swimmers analyze their technique errors but also a series of specific training exercises (based on my compensation theory called the sniper method) to help swimmers of different height, weight and musculature; from different swimming backgrounds, and different swim objectives; to fully maximise their personal swimming potential.

I highly recommend that every swimmer be acquainted with Jonatan, as photographer and technique analyst to help them see the problems that exist. And through different exercises that fit each individual to improve and become more effective in all aspects of their swimming style, whether it is the sweep, recovery stroke or legwork. Highly recommended! It helped my daughter build her confidence.

(Regina Zingbaum) Maccabi Kiryat Ono

"I have been swimming regularly since 1997. In recent years I've been swimming under a wide range of coaches and with different Masters teams. My recent experience with Jonathan's CSS training system and focusing on long-distance stamina training has improved my speed and efficiency. In addition, the corrections to my swimming technique have solved the problem of frequent shoulder injuries. Matan Naftali (Triathlete)

I know Jonathan for more than 3 years. My 13-year-old daughter, who is a professional swimmer has been training with him once a week in the past year. I highly recommend Jonathan, even to my ‘older’ friends who just want to start swimming, and of course to young professionals.

Yonatan is first and foremost a professional who understands and is constantly updated with innovations in swimming all the time. He is equipped with innovative and professional equipment that I have never seen before. Most importantly, I think he really likes what he does and is "hungry".

He thinks about the swimmer even in his free time and sends them videos and exercises that help. Of course, his ability to film and analyse the swimmer above and below the water is vital and adds great value. Modi Ashkenazi (Maccabi Kiryat Ono). You are free to call me at +972 (0)522745907

Jonathan is currently teaching at the following pools:

  • Dag Hazahav, Ramat Gan, Israel
  • Country Ramat Gan, Israel
  • Municipal Pool Modiin, Israel

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