General Information

Best Practices for Christian Ministry Among Forcibly Displaced People

This document from International Association of Refugees (IAFR) is designed to guide the policies and practice of Christian ministries serving displaced people. (Source: IAFR)

Refugee Ministry Best Practices -IAFR.pdf

Terminology of Forced Displacement

What do the terms migrant, asylum-seeker, forcibly displaced and refugee mean? What's the difference? (Source: IAFR)

Terminology of Forced Displacement.pdf

A Little Note on Christian Displaced People

This brief document asks us to consider the situation for Christians who have fled persecution and discern how we respond to their arrivals in our countries. (Source: EEA)

A little note on Christian displaced people.pdf

What Does the Bible Say About Foreigners and Integration of Foreigners?

Twenty-first century Europe, with its many faiths and worldviews, is so different from Old Testament Israel but can we extrapolate some helpful guidance from the biblical principles?

Bible & Integration FAQ.pdf

10 Do's & Don'ts of Relating to Refugees

A look at general guidelines for our attitudes and practices as we build relationships with refugees.