What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”

Charles Bukowski (1920-1994)

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I am currently a Research Fellow (postdoc), at the NUS-NCS Joint Laboratory for Cybersecurity and School of Computing, NUS hosted by Prof. Divesh Aggarwal. Before that, I was a Visiting Fellow at Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), located in Chennai, India (Oct'22-Dec'22). I finished my Ph.D. (Aug'2018 - Aug'2022) in Computer Science from CMI, where I was fortunate to be advised by  Prof. Nitin Saxena (IIT Kanpur).  During my PhD, I was supported by Google PhD Fellowship (2018 -2022). I obtained my master's degree in Computer Science (2016-18) and bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science (2013-16) from CMI.  Here is my CV (updated in July 2023). 

My Erdős number  is 3 (Paul Erdős -> Noga Alon  -> Sourav Chakraborty ->  P.D.).

I often pen down my thoughts mostly through poems  (both in Bengali and English).  Check my blog.  

Recent News:

September 2023: Gave an invited talk at RTCA, organized at the Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris.

July 2023: Together with Prof. Christian Ikenmeyer, we are organizing a 1-day satellite workshop on Algebraic Complexity Theory, to be held on 10th July, at ICALP 2023.

March 2023: I spent 3 weeks (March 06-25) and gave an invited talk (link) at the Workshop "Proof Complexity and Meta-Mathematics" as a part of the Meta-Complexity Program (Winter 2023), at the Simons Institute, UC Berkeley.

January 2023: Joined Prof. Divesh Aggarwal's group at the Department of Computer Science (NUS), as a postdoc.

December 2022:  Our recent work, which got published in Scientific Reports - Nature, on cryptanalysis, is covered by IITM Tech-talk (link).

August 2022: Successfully defended my  Ph.D. Here is the thesis. Here is the open seminar link to the open seminar (almost similar to the defense talk).

Motivating questions that guide my research: