The following scenarios illustrate how the PDC Exchange program works, as well as how it can be used to augment other PDC programs too.

Internship-based training:

Teachers can host more than one intern in any of these ways, or in combination with each other.

- student Aaron lodges with teacher Zach for 4 weeks and works his hours for accommodation, food and his education. Most of his training is one-on-one, with a big practical component. He gets 10 sub-modules signed off with Zach. He travels the country and works his way through his PDC at many different participating teachers.

- student Beth lives close by, and she comes and works an agreed number of hours in exchange for her tuition. Most of her training is one-on-one, with a large practical component. She may do her whole PDC with teacher Yolande (in which case she may not need to use our program, unless it relieves Yolande's administrative work), or she may spread it between three teachers in the area (in which case our program makes sense).

- student Cliff also lives close by and wants to do a PDC with teacher Xavier, but he has a day job and a family to support, so he cannot spend enough hours working for his tuition. He makes an agreement with Xavier to work a few hours every Saturday morning and to exchange some services, goods or money to cover the remaining part of his tuition. Like Beth, Cliff can spread it between different teachers in the area.

Part-time PDC program:

A teacher is running a part-time PDC course over several months, with say, lectures every Thursday night and some practical workshops and site visits on some Saturdays. They have paying or internship students, which has nothing to do with our program. However, students can participate in our program as follows:

- student Dianne comes to stay and does an internship with teacher William for 4 weeks during this time (similar to Aaron above), so she joins the classes during this time in exchange for extra work on William's property in addition to that for exchange of board, and she completes the equivalent sub-modules on our program. Then she moves on and studies further with other teachers on our program wherever she goes.

- student Edward is enrolled on teacher Vicky's course and has completed 3/4s of the course, but due to unforeseen circumstances he cannot attend anymore. Vicky comes to an amicable agreement about his course fees, but to give him credit for the work completed, she signs off on the completed work on our program. He can then complete it with other teachers on our program as and when he can. Case in point - he has to relocate somewhere else.

Residential PDC program:

A teacher is running a live-in PDC over 2 weeks. Students normally pay a fee for the full course, although some may offer 1 day attendance options, either way, here are 2 examples where the PDC Exchange may become part of it:

- student Felicity is an out-of-state student enrolled on teacher Vincent's residential course. She has completed week one, but she receives the bad news that her mother has fallen seriously ill. Vincent comes to an amicable agreement about her course fees and get her on her way back to her mother as soon as possible, but to give her credit for the work completed, Vincent signs off on the completed work on our program. Vicky can then complete her PDC with teachers on our program in her area as and when she can.

- student Gary is a wwoofer at the PDC location and has 2 days off each week. During his days off, he attends the PDC, and pays a per day fee, he completes 4 days and the tutors sign him off for the matching parts completed. He can then wwoof with other teachers on our program to complete further sub-modules.