"The idea of a non-monetary PDC has been a longstanding and popular one in the environmental movement, but economic realities have meant that it has remained painfully out of reach. Until now.

Dylan and Martin have drawn on their substantive experience and that of the permaculture community to create a model for a free PDC that works well for all involved. Students undertaking this innovative method of education not only benefit from the knowledge of those who host them, but from forming meaningful connections with hosts throughout the permaculture community, and by extension experiencing the profundity of living outside the monetary economy where generosity and creativity abound. Educators benefit from attracting dedicated volunteers to their projects, and from the cultural and personal exchanges that take place when people share a home and work side by side for a common goal.

This is a one-of-a-kind course, and one that I am very excited to watch unfold. This PDC will create the leaders of the future."

- Brenna Quinlan, Permaculture Illustrator and Educator (@brenna_quinlan)

"I am excited by the concept of a national system that allows students to exchange their labour and skills for learning and to achieve a PDC without payment. Permaculture is an essential design tool for creating a better future and it should be available to everyone. My congratulations to the originators of this model for creating that opportunity for many more people. Providing experienced permaculture practitioners with a platform to mentor interns one-on-one potentially makes teaching attractive to a much wider community of wise and experienced people. How exciting! If you are experienced in permaculture, please consider signing on to this program to mentor others. We have been teaching within the alternative economy for some time now and thoroughly recommend it. It has provided us with practical support on our property, helped us to build a community of practitioners and to teach people that would not otherwise have completed a PDC. The experience is richly rewarding in so many ways. To those at the beginning of their permaculture journey, welcome and how wonderful that you have this opportunity. There is no classroom to compete with an established permaculture system and no teacher training that can replace years of practical experience."

- Meg McGowan, Permacoach (http://www.permacoach.com.au/)

"A wonderful new way for people to see diverse Permaculture systems, visit new places and learn Permaculture by doing and give back in exchange for the opportunity."

- Robin Clayfield, Earthcare Education + Dynamic Groups (www.dynamicgroups.com.au)

"The internship approach is a welcome initiative that overcomes the barrier of money in obtaining a Permaculture Design Certificate. Students get to work through a PDC in a flexible format, and at their own pace. Aside from not requiring large up-front sums, it's ideal for those who find larger group learning difficult, or those preferring to learn in a more hands-on, practical setting.

Being able to see and experience permaculture in action at the places students visit, and work alongside experienced permaculturists is a bonus that no amount of theory can provide, and it should be a big drawcard for those willing to get their hands dirty."

- Goshen Watts, Watts Permaculture (http://www.wattspermaculture.com.au)