People of Albany United for Safe Energy


Wind Farm, 

Fairfield, NY

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A member is anyone who agrees with our mission statement and who contributes to PAUSE in any way. 

PAUSE is a grassroots group of individuals who have come together to promote safe, sustainable energy and fight for environmental justice. We engage the greater public to stop the fossil fuel industry’s assault on the people of Albany, New York and our environment.  

Our work reaches out to people and groups around the globe who strive for an end to the ruinous fossil fuel economy and to replace it with a just, sustainable, and distributed system of energy that meets people’s real needs and does not destroy the Earth’s climate. 

As climate activists and environmentalists, we stand for climate justice and prioritizing the needs of frontline communities.  At this moment, in which America is awakening to the need to eliminate police violence and also address structural violence against communities of color, we want to affirm that we stand with Black Lives Matter and all groups targeted by police.  Repressive and unjust police practices should have no role in our society, yet at present, we have one of the most violent and most excessively armed police forces in the world.  True change is needed.  We commit to listening to the voices of all frontline communities as we journey towards Climate Justice with Social Justice.  Without Justice For All, the future will be unsustainable.

PAUSE meets every last Thursday of the month At 6:00 PM via Zoom.  Email us at to join our meeting.

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Photos from the Climate Strike in Albany in September 2019