The PanEagle Press is an all-volunteer school newspaper club based at Emerson/Da Vinci Junior High in Davis, CA. It was founded in 2017 by Helena Young, Ellie Bair, Elise Drown, and Elise Wyman and is currently led by Co-Presidents Skye Adams and Elliot DeJong along with Vice-President Max Davis-Housefield.

Emerson/DaVinci’s International Day Brings Hope and Inclusion in Times of Hate

EMERSON/DAVINCI: Students flocked to Emerson/DaVinci’s outdoor commons on Friday, November 22 to celebrate countries from around the world during International Day. Multiple countries were represented through informational booths and traditional costumes. These countries included the African country of Eritrea, Italy, Japan, Mexico, China, and Scotland. Students visited the informational booths receiving stamps for their passports and prizes upon completion of their world tour.

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Improved Plans for New Emerson Science Rooms

Emerson science teacher, Mr. Slizeski, has been recommending DJUSD make changes to the plans for a new science classroom since May. At the beginning of September, he got what he was hoping for; the district has redrawn the plans and Mr. S. realized that they are now the best science labs in the district.

2020 Elections

Houston Democratic Debates

Winners and Losers from the September Debate

Meet the Candidates

The Review

It’s Great to be Your Neighbor

Disney's "Live-Action" Lion King a Disappointment


Escape From Earth

A giant asteroid is heading for Earth, and escape is not an option! William Prashur must find a way to change the course of time and save our planet from the asteroid - and ourselves.

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