Coaches are required to complete the following:

Background Check

USA Football Certification

Concussion Awareness

Heat and Hydration

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Shoulder Tackling and Blocking

Equipment fitting.

Code of Conduct Agreement

Be a positive role model for fair play and discourage all un-sportsman like conduct.

Make sure ALL players have fun and get an equal opportunity to play.

Help to develop the player’s appreciation and knowledge of the game.

Keep an open line of communication with your team, parents and other coaches.

Make sure that winning and losing are kept in proper prospective.

Teach positive winning values and not a “win at all costs” philosophy.

Endorse the “true spirit” of the PYFL when following its rule book and guidelines.

Do not have abusive arguments with adults or officials.

Control parents as well.

Use of profane or abusive language by coaches, their staff and parents will not be tolerated.

Any form of physical fighting by coaches, their staff and parents will not be tolerated.

Consumption of alcohol or illegal substances prior to or during practices or games will not be tolerated.

Use of tobacco products is forbidden on all school properties.

Do not leave players unattended after practices and games, remain until parents arrive.

Leave all fields neat and pick up your team's garbage (set the example).


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