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4 Healthier Holiday Treats

When Holiday comes around, a lot of people think of egg hunts, family gatherings, Good Friday, church services, rabbits, spring, and pastel colors.

Most of those people are forgetting the number one thing that kids are actually thinking about: candy.

Holiday marks almost half a year before or after Halloween, meaning it’s the other holiday of the year that candy is most prevalent. While Halloween takes the crown on most candy bought during the year, Holiday isn’t far behind in second.

But we all know that too much candy can be bad for your health and your teeth. As always, taking things in moderation is the best piece of advice for you and your children. Since it’s not always easy to find healthier alternatives to things such as candy, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the better candies out there that you may think about putting in your kid’s Holiday basket. Look no further for some of the best types of candy out there.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can be extremely low in sugar, pretty low in calories, and they offer many antioxidants, little sugar, and still have that classic chocolatey taste everyone craves. While milk chocolate is the leading type of chocolate among Holiday candies, there are plenty of dark chocolate varieties that are so much better for you than milk chocolate. If you have the chance, get your kids hooked on dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Rice Krispie treats

I don’t really know if I’ve ever met someone who disliked Rice Krispie treats, whether they were homemade or in the packages from the store. They’re very low calorie, have less than 4 grams of sugar, and have next to no fat. Whether you make your kids a home-made recipe (they can even lend a hand!) or you choose to buy some, these are one of the best treats you can put in their Holiday baskets this year.

Black licorice

Alright, this is admittedly a very strong and unique candy that a lot of people either love or hate. But did you know that black licorice contains a lot of unique antioxidants? Licorice is very low calorie, has zero fat, and is low on sugar.

Fun-sized candy bars

Most candy bars are better than other types of sugary candies. The thing to remember is to go for the fun-sized bars, though. Giving your child a huge 3 Musketeers candy bar isn’t any better than those high calorie, high sugar candies out there.