Mathematics and Statistics

The 2024 OMSC will be held from May 22nd to May 24th. Registration is now closed.

The Proceedings Booklet is now available!

The Ottawa Mathematics and Statistics Conference (OMSC) provides a venue for graduate students in mathematics and statistics to showcase their original research. Alongside the student talks, expert mathematicians from Canadian universities and industry will give keynote talks and host workshops. Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts for contributed talks during which they can present their original research or interesting mathematical topics. We will also be hosting a professional development workshop and a Three-Minute Thesis competition; students are welcome to register with a thesis title. Moreover, to facilitate networking, we will be hosting a variety of social events (please fill out the form to attend). Although this conference is built for graduate students in mathematics and statistics programs, the conference remains open to all undergraduate students and post-doctoral researchers wishing to participate.

The conference will be hosted in-person at the University of Ottawa from May 22 - 24, 2024. You must register to attend, contribute a talk, or compete in the 3MT competition. Registration is now closed.

The conference will mainly take place in SITE H0104 and SITE A0150, in the SITE building. A free lunch will be offered to all registered participants. For more details, and to see the conference schedule, see this page.

All the details of the conference are summarized in the Proceedings booklet, which you can find by clicking here.


The Ottawa Mathematics and Statistics Conference has a rich history of collaboration with various institutions who have supported the conference since its inception. The 17th Annual Ottawa Mathematics and Statistics Conference would like to thank the following sponsors for their support:

University of Ottawa, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Science

University of Ottawa, Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation (OVPRI)

A message from one of our sponsors

The Tutte Institute for Mathematics and Computing (TIMC) is a government research institute focused on fundamental mathematics and computer science. Its mission is to deliver research results with an impact on the most important scientific challenges facing the Canadian and Five Eyes security and intelligence communities.  TIMC’s key research areas are cryptography and data science. It draws upon many mathematical and computational fields, including algebra, algebraic geometry, combinatorics, data science, topology, number theory, and quantum computing.

TIMC is named after Dr. William Tutte, a British-born Canadian codebreaker and mathematician, credited with breaking the Lorenz cipher used by the German High command during World War II. A member of the Order of Canada, Dr. Tutte’s foundational work in graph theory and matroid theory is world-renowned.


The TIMC is pleased to be a supporter of the Ottawa Mathematics and Statistics Conference. We wish all conference participants an enjoyable and stimulating three days!

Registered Participants

Joy Liu (Dalhousie University)

Hin Ho (Brock University)

Prangya Parida (University of Ottawa)

David Worley (University of Ottawa)

Albi Kazazi (York University)

Arman Jahangiri (University of Calgary)

Lord Kavi (University of Ottawa)

Dac Nhan Tam Nguyen (University of British Columbia)

Elise Woodward (University of Ottawa)

Yiyao Jiao (University of Western Ontario)

Laura Maddison (University of Ottawa)

Mairi Hallman (University of Ottawa)

Masoomeh Akbari (University of Ottawa)

Bridgette Nana Ama Amoako (University of Guelph)

Daniel Dallaire (University of Ottawa)

Murat Uyar (Carleton University)

Zhipeng Zhang (University of New Brunswick)

Kamyar Hazaveh (University of Toronto)

Ryan Htun (University of Alberta)

Benjamin Benteke (University of Guelph)

Matthew Day-Lopes (York University)

Chris Karpinski (McGill University)

Mico Luo (University of Ottawa)

Ann Shehani Fernando Warnakulasuriya (University of Ottawa)

Hina Shaheen (University of Manitoba)

Francine Uwera (University of Ottawa)

Mihir Deo (University of Ottawa)

Niccolò Mattarei (University of Ottawa)

John Tsang (University of Ottawa)

Eric Culf (University of Waterloo)

Gazi Samia Sultana (University of Ottawa)

Bailey Drew (Dalhousie University)

Thomas Moran (University of Ottawa)

Christian Costris-Vas (University of Ottawa)

Francine Uwera (University of Ottawa)

Cyrus Rezaei Feyzabady (Université de Montréal)

Ali Selseleh (York University)

Archishman Saha (University of Ottawa)

Yuri Leonenko (University of Waterloo)

Yuliya Nesterova (Carleton University)

Abdessamad Ben Hamza (Concordia University)

Amélie Comtois (University of Ottawa)

Joseph Gondek (Carleton University)

Brittania Fusca (University of Ottawa)

Marie Rose Jerade (University of Ottawa)

Sara Haroon (Carleton University)

Finlay David Rankin (Carleton University)

Amanda Chafee (Carleton University)

Hin Lon Lao (York University)

Cesar Bardomiano (University of Ottawa)

Zander Karaganis (University of Ottawa)

Yueyang Du (University of Ottawa)

Khalil Besrour (University of Ottawa)

Daniel Almeida (University of Ottawa)

Jesse Mwungeri Niyo (Carleton University)

Nataliia Monina (University of Ottawa)

Daniel Lovsted (University of Ottawa)

Sophie Tomlin (University of Ottawa)

Saima Samchuck-Schnarch (University of Ottawa)

Suzan Kadri (University of Ottawa)

Sarah Abel (University of Ottawa)

Samuel Desrochers (University of Ottawa)

Zirui Wang (University of Ottawa)

Leila Gholizadeh Zivlaei (Carleton University)

Ziming An (University of Ottawa)

Zihe Wang (University of Ottawa)

Rose Kudzman-Blais (University of Ottawa)

Evan Marth (University of Ottawa)

Mohammadreza Mohajer (University of Ottawa)

Mohammad Dehghan (Carleton University)

Fatemeh kiyaee Darounkola (Carleton university)

Ali Hamad (University of Ottawa)

Serine M Bairakji (University of Ottawa)

Zhiyi Lin (University of Ottawa)

Anne Marie Conway (University of Ottawa)

Francisca Olajide (University of Ottawa)

Hind Hdidou (University of Ottawa)

Yihui Zhang (University of Ottawa)

Noah Grew (Carleton University)