Meet Connor

Early Life

My family is the most important thing to me. Early on, life taught me that the people that I could always count on were those closest to me. My brother was a role model for me. He always knew how to keep his cool. My mother pushed me to be the best person I could be. She told me, "Connor, If you set your mind to something, there is nothing in this world that you cannot accomplish."

That might be one reason that I'm running for Congress.

Life's miraculous adventure allowed me the opportunity to learn in Private, Public and Magnet Schools. I graduated from Stanton College Preparatory High School and continued on to the Florida State University where I was determined to study Astrophysics.


After earning my Bachelors, I continued my education by joining the Jacksonville Teacher Residency and volunteered with AmeriCorps. I taught chemistry in my Residency year and then taught physics and marine science as teacher of record the following year. Through my experiences in the classroom, I became appalled by the conditions in which teachers had to work. The fault-lines were becoming ever clearer, for the profession to improve politicians had to implement better policies. When I had that realization, I was compelled to pursue a PhD in Education Policy.

Americorps Volunteer

Master of Arts in Teaching

Towards a Brighter tomorrow!

I was driven to run because of a brilliant optimism and the belief that by changing policies individuals can live to their fullest potential. If you hold that same faith in the American Dream, I hope that I can count on your vote in 2020.