"With your vote, I promise to introduce and pass legislation that will stand against the government encroaching on the rights of every American.

I will fight for American Values, I will fight for a better America.

Together we can make an economy that works for everyone. An economy where the rich and powerful can't cause housing crashes, and where those who are responsible are held accountable. To build a strong economy we must have an education system that develops the whole child and prepares them for whatever future they desire, not just for standardized tests. What good is a vibrant economy and an inspiring educational system if, once we finish work and our school, we are sent into a cesspit of pollution and death, an environment wrecked by industry? Vote for me and I'll develop policy to protect the three Es: Economy, Education, Environment."

-Connor Oswald, Candidate for Congress.

The Economy

The American Dream is earned through hard work but there are only 168 hours in a week. The only way we can make that dream a reality is by building an economy that works for everyone not just the wealthy. By tackling the wealth gap, breaking up monopolistic businesses and ensuring growth for Florida's small businesses, we can ensure that all Floridians can access the Dream,

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The Education System

Growing up I was told that the only way to get ahead in life was to work hard and excel in school. However, in my time as a public high school teacher I realized that the system isn't working for everybody. Many of my excellent students and even more of my classmates have been constrained by forces beyond their control. Teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates. Higher education costs are ballooning so much that student debt is one of greatest debt sources in America.

Legislators across the country have continually come up with patch-work solutions to the problems that plague our futures, we need long term solutions that will allow Americans to prosper and grow.

The Base of All Society

The Environment

Florida's coasts, springs, rivers, and forests are the most beautiful in the country(not up for debate), we must make sure that we conserve their beauty for future generations.

Guaranteeing a Future for Future Generations