Registration on the day was controlled hectic. First riders for tegistering were there with the set up team before 7.30am!

Just bring your achnowledgement of your rider number to the registration desks. You will find an entry card inside which you put into one of the buckets held by our ADSS volunteers and you are ready to go from 8.45 am.

The RaceNation entry and donation system again worked well. But the paper forms were the favourites again -- we had plenty of them!

Using the RaceNation link from the Enter page of this web site, you can on your telephone, tablet or computer complete your entry and donation which will be acknowledged as an email with your rider number.

You choose a ticket for one of the three routes, enter the details asked for and then make your donation or take on a Sports Giving page to attract sponsorship for your ride. We also have the facility there to include 'Gift Aid.'

We were accepting entries right up to to 10.00am on the ride morning then it was sit down and start hand-writing the certificates ready for everyone's return.But entering online will make for a smoother start for you and for us! 

Then come to the registration desks with that rider number on your phone or as a print out to collect your number to wear, route map and card for noting going through the checkpoints. 

WE DO KNOW that some riders prefer paper entry forms and there will be plenty there for on the day!  (Or get a form via the Enter page and bring with you.) Take the form with your donation (thank you) to the indicated table to collect your rider number, map etc.

We will have contactless payment available for donations. 

PARKING: Milton Place is at the Riverside Leisure Area. Next nearest is Parrock Street. (Gurdwara is closed at weekends), West Street or Rathmore Road by the station. These are all free. There is the multi storey St George's Centre car park with charges.  See our town centre map on the Contact page.

We are updating our GPS routes and creating a map on the RaceNation app. But as we have three routes combining this shows the roads used and the checkpoints. Please use this in co-ordination with the route sheet provided.

Special requests!!!! Please slow down enough for your number to be taken at the check points. It is important for us and you. 

Please take care when you cycle around the riverside promenade area especially when returning. 

Find here the links to GPX routes:

 We now have GPX files for the 15, 30 and 45 mile routes  but cannot find how to upload them to this site for you to make use of.

SO email us on gwerotary@gmail.com and we will reply with the files attached.