Tips for the event from Gravesend CTC (Your local Cycling Group and part of the National Cyclists’ Association) 

1. Please remember that this is a Fun Ride, not a race. You will not be allowed to take part unless you wear a cycle helmet at all times during the event. 

2. Give your number at each Check Point to show you have completed that section of the course but times will not be taken. 

3. Safety: Please obey all traffic signals and the rule of the road. Courtesy to all other road users will ensure that future events are not jeopardised. 

4.Make sure that your bike is in a roadworthy condition, so as not to let you down. Ensure that your tyres are fully inflated and carry a repair kit including an inner tube. 

5. If you are not a regular rider, some practice/training before will be worthwhile, thus making your day a much more enjoyable experience. 

6. Dress suitably -- several thin layers are better than one thick layer, you can then adjust your comfort level. Wear stiff soled shoes. Be seen -- wear bright clothing and you must wear a cycle helmet. Carry a waterproof in case of inclement weather. 

7. Make sure you eat well -- food is your fuel. There will be light refreshments at some check points, but it would be advisable to carry a drink and a snack. 

8. If you encounter any problem, please stay on the course and a marshall will find you. It is best to retire at a check point. You must contact ride control on 07711 830377 to report your retirement or need for recovery -- or ask another rider to inform the next check point. 

For information about the local Gravesend CTC contact: 


We do urge all entrants to make use of their SportsGiving page to help raise the maximum we can. 

This is an appeal to all riders to ask family, friends and more to sponsor you this time. If you pay tax, do remember to look for and tick the 'Gift Aid' box in the RaceNation entry. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for us  about our event then please email to:

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As well as being described as the best organised cycling event in the South East, we are also famed for our rolling start where the hundreds of riders glide off from the Riverside Leisure Area overlooking the River Thames at Gravesend.

They ride out alongside cruise liners and tooting tugs before journeying through some of the most attractive countryside routes in Kent.  The Rotary Club of Gravesham with Ebbsfleet Trust Fund Charity No. 1195646.