Keith Bissell Scholarship

This scholarship is given for the study of an approved Orff Level’s course or Master Class at a Canadian Institution, with preference given to candidates applying to courses offered in Ontario. This scholarship is usually in the amount of $400.  Scholarship winners are asked to provide an arrangement or lesson plan that they did for the course, or provide a short  write-up about their experience in the course, which will be published in one of our monthly member email blasts.
Application Deadline: Monday, May 29, 2023
Keith Bissell Scholarship Application
Keith Bissell – A Short Biography


Gunild Keetman Scholarship

This scholarship is available to be used towards an approved Orff Schulwerk course offered in Canada. Applicants must have completed a Level I Orff course in order to apply.
Application Deadline:  April 15
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Carolyn McMillan Research Grant

This $500 grant is offered to encourage research relating to the application and study of Orff Schulwerk in Canada. Applicants must have completed Level III Orff in order to apply. Projects may be broad-based and may include such topics as:

Application Deadline: June 15
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Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming Scholarship

This is a scholarship for taking an ECME, LTTA or any Orff course at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. It is open to any registrant in the course, not just COC members.

Revered Honorary Member Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming directed the Orff courses for many years at the RCM. She donated $50,000 to fund this scholarship; the annual earnings are used to award a number of scholarships to Orff, Early Childhood and LTTA course participants. Award amounts vary from year to year.

Application Deadline for summer courses: June 1
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2020 - Andrew Kobus

2019 - Allison Wires

2018 - Kaleena Pettigrew

2017 - Andrea McNeil

2016 - Jennifer Sanderson, Bahareh Ameri

2015 - Lisa Lauriault, Mark Scarmato

2014 - Alison Roy, Nadia Hohn, Tanya Turner

2013 – Kristina Hadjur

2011 –  Allison Tipler

2010 – Cathy Ullman, Vivian Li

2009 – Lori Moccio

2008 - Joanna Reynolds

2007 – Dianne Emiry, Susan Wesson, Allison Tipler

2006 – Peggy Hobbs

2005 – Diana Kukar

2004 – Wendy Spademan

2003 – Ian Wallace