As music educators, we play an important role in our schools. As we know, music carries with it the culture, history, and traditions of its people. Over the past while, much information has come to light of which many music educators may have been unaware. We recognize that some of the music and teaching practices that have been used in our classrooms have contributed to the oppression of Black people, Indigenous people and other people of colour. Music may also have been presented as culturally authentic when in fact it was not. Or perhaps we were not presenting a repertoire that was reflective of the diversity of our nation. It is our moral imperative to be culturally and linguistically responsive to the needs of our diverse student populations. As a board, we acknowledge that we need to examine our own biases, and be intentional in being responsive to the needs of our members and to the communities they support.

As the world continues to uncover and learn about the injustices that racialized people continue to endure, we at the Ontario Orff Chapter strive to be a vehicle for change. As always, we wish to co-learn with you, our members, about how we can all do better. On this portion of our website, we will be posting resources that will facilitate our learning on this vitally important topic.

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  • The Music I Love Is a Racial Minefield - click here to read the article

  • “You Might Be Left with Silence When You’re Done”: The White Fear of Taking Racist Songs Out of Music Education - click here to read this article from the National Assoication for Music Educators (NAfME)

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  • The Sounds of Silence: Talking Race in Music Education, by Deborah Bradley - click here (This is a long article, but very informative)


Music Education for Social Change: Constructing an Activist Music Education - available on amazon - click here