December 12- Final Demos

*if for any reason you are too ill to make it to this important closing session, please make sure that your handouts make it to class. You'll need to notify me prior to the final session starting via email so we don't hold up the schedule.

Monday 12/11

  • facilities changes the format of the room
    • tables go around the edge of the room for demos, with seating arranged in the middle, for presentations.

Tuesday 12/12

  • Before 9:00AM Team tasks
  • Notice the different room layout, find the table with your team's board next to it.
  • Put 5 copies of each handout on the table, and make sure that the teaching team gets one copy of each.
  • Class photo
  • Class slide show begins
  • Grab snacks
  • Teaching team takes a moment to appreciate the students
  • Final class discussion


  • making composting easier
  • connecting elders with family
  • easing moves to new cities
  • improving medication monitoring
  • enhancing book clubs
  • re-imagining multi-amorous dating apps
  • advancing beer and wine recommendation systems
  • facilitating hassle-free goods donations

open demos at team tables


  • Clear your team board, putting artifacts in poster-sized envelopes (you make from the butcher paper roll)
  • return team boxes to their original states
  • Recycle the materials you don't want to keep for your portfolio
  • Make sure that your self assessment is submitted
  • Take the online course eval before leaving

After the session

  • You will get Final Refinement feedback before New Years, so that we can complete grading by the January deadline.