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UX Design (User Experience)

a Design Depth course

Olin College of Engineering ENGR3220

Fall 2017, Monday and Thursday 1:30 PM to 3:10 PM

Olin College Academic Center room 213

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  • Amon Millner email: amon.millner [at] olin.edu, office MH323;
  • Marco Morales email: marco.morales [at] olin.edu


  • Hannah Twigg-Smith

2017 student teams

Gotham - making composting easier

Izzy Harrison, Andrew Deaver, Emily Kohler, Daniel Bishop

Comic Sans - connecting elders with family

Emily Yeh, Erica Lee, Isaac Getto, Willem Thorbecke, Zhecan Wang

Impact - easing moves to new cities

David Papp, Zarin Bhuiyan, Celina Bekins, Rebecca Gettys

Ubuntu - improving medication monitoring

Jong Woo Nam, Matthew Beaudouin-Lafon, Viktoria Wastring, Apurva Raman

Haettenschweiler - enhancing book clubs

Cecilia Diehl, Uma Desai, Andrew Pan, Yuzhong Huang, Caz Nichols

Jokerman - re-imagining multi-amorous dating apps

Hieu Nguyen, Frances Devanbu, Aidan McLaughlin, Ian Paul, Michelle Cedillo

Roboto Light - advancing beer and wine recommendation systems

Lucy Wilcox, Leon Lam, Joe Sutker, Joey Maalouf, Robert Siegel

Jaapokki - facilitating hassle-free goods donations

Rachel Yang, Jordan Van Duyne, Gabrielle Clarke, William Lu, Sean Foley

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