Olaf Keus

Welcome to the Website of Olaf Keus. Playing drums for you all his life. Also a master on various percussion instruments. Teacher in drums and bodypercussion at the music school of Amsterdam. Programmer of jazz concerts in Ruigoord and initiator/manager of various bands.  

Drummer - ( Body) Percussionist - Teacher - Music management                                           Olafkeus@gmail.com     0031(0) 615417215

speellijst Olaf Keus

Silva & Keus 'Brazilian Groove'

Olaf plays with the Brazilian guitarist Célio Roberto Silva in various bands. We perform as a duo or in an extended band on street festivals, private parties, theatres and café's.  

Aartsen & Keus Jazz & Latin

Olaf and the Indonesian singer/pianist Nita Aartsen tour successfully every year in Europe, India and Asia. Our music is a fusion of classical music, Latin Jazz and contemporary music.

Trujillo & Keus 'Loops and Grooves'

Olaf recently joint forces with

Efraïm Trujillo on saxophones/flutes and loop-station. A compact show of original funky compositions with groovy loops. 

In 2019 Efraïm won the Edison  public Award with the Preacher Men. 

Smash your trash

Olaf's drumbike is a special project for big events wich can be combined with drumworkshops on bodypercussion, trash or real drums.

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