Justin Ma

Justin Ma


Justin is a traditional Chinese archery practitioner specializing in the study and revival of Chinese military archery technique. He is co-author of “The Way of Archery: A 1637 Chinese Military Training Manual” http://www.thewayofarchery.com, which is a translation and commentary of a 17th century Ming dynasty archery treatise.

He is also proprietor of The Cinnabar Bow http://www.cinnabarbow.com/marinerbows, a traditional archery equipment distributor whose mission is to raise international awareness of skilled Asiatic equipment makers. He taught thumb ring shooting for the California Centaurs horseback archery club, founded the Bay Area Asian Archery group, and also provided introductory lessons to Chinese archery in Northern and Southern California. Justin is an instructor and lecturer at the annual Chinese Archery Program in Georgia, USA (founded in 2013), and he was a presenter at the Society for the Preservation of Traditional Archery’s 2013 St. George’s Shoot in Somerset, England. In Fall 2015, he helped found the Cal Archery Club’s Traditional Asian Archery Program (TAAP) at UC Berkeley. In 2017, he helped found the 1st North American Chinese Archery Tournament (NACAT) in Cupertino, California.

Justin is available to teach 1-1 or small-group lessons tailored to your needs. Possible topics include:

  • Fundamentals of thumb ring shooting

  • Optimizing posture for military archery

  • Preparing for horse archery

  • Finding the ideal draw length

  • Developing a better release

  • Aiming methods

  • Defeating “panic”

  • Crafting a personal training regimen

  • How to increase archery strength

  • Selecting and tuning Asiatic archery equipment

  • And more!

Please contact Justin at thewayofarchery@gmail.com for rates and scheduling.