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Challenge Meets

In order to qualify for awards, a challenge meet must have a minimum of 10 games shown by two members. This year the awards will be medals. Awards will be mailed out after the club secretary has received the show report.


The national meet awards are for Best of Breed; Reserve breed; Four Johns award for Best C. H. P. K. in same variety. The Best of Breed is the Ancell H. Ball trophy. Its a traveling trophy that will have the name of the winner engraved on it going back to the 40's and is given to the current years winner. The Four Johns award to the exhibitor with the Best C. H. P. K. in same variety. Also available are 2 trophies. One for Best 2 cockerels in the same variety and one for Best 2 pullets in the same variety. They are annual trophies will be awarded to the winner and then handed off later to next years winners. Potentially changing hands every year.

The 2022 National Meet will be held at the Oklahoma State Poultry Federation December 10

Upcoming 2021 Meets

May 15 Challenge Meet Western Reserve Poultry Club in Jefferson, Ohio

June 5 OEGCA National Coulee Region Poultry Show in Galesville, WI

September 4 Challenge Meer Northwoods Poultry Fanciers, WI

Dec 4 Challenge Meet Klein Poultry Extravaganza in Spring, TX

January 8, 2022 Challenge Meet Bluebonnet Classic, TX

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