Breed Information

Type as it impacts function

Eyes: Big and round, sight is just as important in this breed as it is in homing pigeons

Back: Broad across the shoulders narrowing and sloping to the back. This helps with maintaining high station, balance, strength, and overall shape. You want a body shaped like a beef heart when viewed from the top, not a football.

Breast: Wide, full, and rounded. No need to be overly exaggerated, but the breast is where a bird gets most of their strength. This is why a 5 lb OEG feels stronger then an 11 lb Brahma

Thighs: Thick, short, muscular. Dont overlook a strong leg. A 6ft. perch should be an easy hop for an OEG.

Shank: Medium in length and well rounded. This is no place to be overly refined. Strong bones are a must.

Spurs: Low set well attached. You should be able to bend prop toe up to touch spur. In the past a low set spur would have helped a cock bird with leverage.

Type as it impacts function

Comb: Five evenly serrated points, small in size and erect. Remember you cant hide sprigs and flop comb with dubbing a female.

Tail: Moderately spread, carried at a forty five degree angle. Many games tend to have a "gamey" or whip-tail, however, remember the tail acts as a rudder for a bird. Tail length should be long enough to provide physical balance to the bird, but not so long to hinder or show movement.

Feathering: Hard, strong quills. While a soft feathered breed will grow feathers perpendicular to the body, a hard feathered bird will grow feathers which are flat to the body. This creates a tight hard feel to the bird which is important for adding protection and a glossy look to an Old English. Hard feathering provides natural defense against many external parasites.

Stern and Body: Compact abdomen, medium depth. These traits are key for an athletic build of an OEG. The natural and fit build of the OE never needs to be exaggerated.

APA recognized color varieties.

  • Black Breasted Red
  • Brown Red
  • Golden Duckwing
  • Silver Duckwing
  • Red Pyle
  • White
  • Black
  • Spangled
  • Blue Breasted Red
  • Lemon Blue
  • Blue Golden Duckwing
  • Blue Silver Duckwing
  • Self Blue
  • Crele