Old English Game Club of America

National Winners 2021

Champion Old English

BB Red hen exhibited by Nathan Halbach

Reserve Champion Old English

Blue hen exhibited by Nathan Halbach

In 1935 a group of game fowl exhibitors formed the Game Fowl Club of America with Ancell H. Ball as president and Capt. J.I. Lawrence as secretary. Their purpose was to have standard size games admitted to the American Standard of Perfection as Thoroughbred American Game Fowl.

As their bantam counterparts were already admitted as Old English Game Bantams, to avoid complications the plans were changed and in 1938 they succeeded in having standard sized games admitted to the Standard of Perfection as Old English Games and the name of the club was changed to the Old English Game Club of America.

Dedicated to raising and exhibiting Standard Old English. Birds are shown according to the APA Standard of Perfection.

The Club does not endorse the sport of cockfighting or is affiliated in any way.