Special Events


The “Yard of the Month”

This contest provides awards to neighbors and club members with beautiful yards. We do this for the months of June through September each year. Three private homes and one business are selected for each of those months. Two of our club members take nominations, check the home or business landscaping, name the winning yards and place the “Yard of the Month” signs. Chairmen for this committee are Carol Anderson and Jeanie Burchardt.

Please call Carol at 262-490-8773 or Jeanie 262-567-6781 at , if you have any “Yard of the Month” nominees!


Art contests are held through the 5th District competition and at the State Convention.


Operation Smile:

This project is sponsored by GFWC to correct children’s facial birth defects in third world countries. One of our club members is currently working with Operation Smile and has traveled to fourteen 3rd world countries in support of this project.

The club supports by donating items for hygiene, toys and quilts for the children. Our club also makes monetary donations to the Operation Smile organization.

Hygiene items and small toys are collected at the meetings.

Suggestions of items to be donated:

  • .85 to 1.4 oz. shampoo (screw top only)
  • small combs (no rat tailes)
  • a new wash cloth
  • child size or adult size toothbrushes
  • 8 - pack of crayons
  • small stuffed animals (beanie bay size)
  • small personal mirror
  • sample size toothpaste
  • hotel size bars of soap
  • small toys
  • child size quilts

The club also makes quilts for Operation Smile. We need batting that we can use for the middle of the quilts.

For more information, please contact Helen Hertneky – 262-567-4812