Harold Tischler District Leader

Campaign Information

What is your name?

Harold (Heshy) Tischler

What office are you running for?

District Leader of the 48th Assembly District

Have you held this position before? If so, how long?

No I have not held any elected office

Who is the point of contact for your campaign and what is the best way to get in touch with them?

718 288 7844 or email justenoughheshy@gmail.com or harrythemn@aol.com

My office is at 5318 16th avenue

Brooklyn NY 11204

718 871 0382 office number

What is your campaign phone number?

718 288 7844 or 718 871 0382 or my legal department Gil ‭(201) 218-0180‬

What is your campaign e-mail?

Justenoughheshy@gmail.com or harrythemn@aol.com or heshy@voteuncleheshy.com

What is your campaign website?


Is your campaign on social media? If so, what platform(s) and what are the names?

Check out voteuncleheshy.com

Or listen to my radio show on Monday's at 9pm on channel 620am radio dial or just click YouTube and type in just enough heshy show

Campaign Issues

What do you see as the role of district leader?

To elect the proper judges, to help anyone who wants to run for public off to run with out fighting and to knock on doors of those elected official who don’t answer you calls and represent the individuals.

What would you bring to that role?

All my 35 years of experiences of helping the community. Of feeding families and helping people get jobs and helping people with third homes and volunteering with the toung and in the hospitals.

What do you see as the role of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, both currently and in the future?

I see non helpful people we need a change a clean sweep. I believe this will get better once we elect new people across the board. To help with the drug issues and kids in the streets and most of all after care for the children. Also local issues such as youth centers and new housing

What do you see as your role in increasing voter turnout and political participation and how will you go about it?

(No answer given)

What is your opinion of the leadership of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, and in what ways, if any, should it change?

We need change we must get rid of all and frank sadio first and if elected I will challenge him for the Party leadership .

Are there any things the Brooklyn Democratic Party can do to be more transparent and accessible to the average Democrat?

Many things I have a very big look list.

What do you think about the current role of County Committee and how, if at all, should it be changed?

Don’t know but once I finish with the challenge will go out to the people to ask for advise.

What, if anything, should the Brooklyn Democratic Party do about party members who run for election as Democrats but do not caucus with Democrats once elected?

We need to get them removed from our party such as Simcha felder

What do you think about the current process by which judges are chosen to receive the Democratic nomination and how, if at all, should it be changed?

Again once elected will look deeper into the pr fees and make changes with the help of our citizens.

What do you think about the current process for determining the Democratic nominee in special elections and how, if at all, should it be changed?

We need a process that will allow not only all run but to stop this election tif the boss is up

Should district leaders have term limits? Why or why not?

Yes 2 or 3 terms and because we need changes and we need new People who can’t and don’t have the time to tonyslenfinds funds

How independent should district leaders be from other elected officials? Should district leaders be allowed to hold another elected position? Why or why not?


What other issues should a district leader take a position on?

Local like street and parking