Code of Conduct

For Spectators

The Northwest Cincinnati Area Code of Conduct is effective 9.12.2016 and will be reviewed yearly for changes that need to be made.

SPECTATOR “Best Practices”

Responsible spectators in the Northwest Cincinnati Area are encouraged to read the SAY Rulebook. They are expected to be part of their child(s) soccer experience in a loving and encouraging manner. They should realize that the coach is a volunteer and is giving freely of his/her free time and without financial gain. Realizing that the expectations are that good sportsmanship and a fair sense of play are being exercised by all parties participating on and off the field,

Spectators must conduct themselves using the following guidelines.

  1. Demonstrate good sportsmanship to referees, coaches, all players and all spectators.
  2. Refrain from making negative remarks to or harassing any player, referee, coach and other spectators.
  3. Do not use profanity or vulgar language.
  4. Do not fight or provoke anyone on or off the field.
  5. Do not show up on the sidelines of any NW Cincinnati Area game under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


It shall be against the rules of the Northwest Cincinnati Area for a spectator, coach or player to threaten, harass or intimidate soccer officials in any way. This includes before, during or after all games sanctioned by the Northwest Cincinnati Area. Failure to comply with this rule could mean immediate expulsion from the game and field area (in sight of and in ear shot of the official) and/or loss of the game by judgment of the Northwest Cincinnati Area Board – any physical contact with the soccer official could mean legal action by the Northwest Cincinnati Area Board or others.

NOTE: Any spectator ejected from a game could face additional punishment issued by his/her own district as well as penalties assessed by the Northwest Cincinnati Area Board.

Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. Spectator misconduct may result in the coach receiving a yellow and/or red card and the possibility of the suspension of the game, the outcome of which would then be decided by the Northwest Cincinnati Area Board. (i.e., game forfeiture, replaying of games less than ½ duration of completion, declaring a winner of games over ½ duration of completion.)

  1. Know the rules of the game and abide by them.
  2. No profanity or vulgar language to an official, coach, player or other spectator.
  3. Do not coach from the sidelines … leave the coaching to the coaches.
  4. Treat the referees with respect. Do not argue calls or missed calls.
  5. Demonstrate good sportsmanship and be encouraging to all players, including those from the other team.
  6. Refrain from making negative remarks or harassing remarks towards players, officials, coaches or other spectators.
  7. Remember these are children and this is for FUN
  8. Do not encourage rough or overly aggressive play.


A spectator under suspension may not attend any games for the team that they received the suspension from for the duration of his/her suspension. A violation of suspension results in automatic expulsion.

  1. Abusive language to an official, player, coach or another spectator. Penalty: Two (2) game suspension
  2. Threatening actions or words towards officials, player, coach or other spectator. Penalty: Two (2) game suspension
  3. Aggressive physical contact with the referee (i.e., grabbing the arm, turning the individual around, poking, bumping, pushing, etc.). Penalty: Five (5) game suspension. 2nd Offense: Permanent Expulsion. **Eligible to be heard by stated Appeals Process
  4. Striking an official, player, coach or spectator. Penalty: Permanent Explusion and possible charges from local law enforcement agency. ** Eligible to be heard by stated Appeals Process
  5. Refusal to leave the playing field after an ejection. Spectator must leave the playing field and sit away from the field of play, any other spectators and must not invoke any additional confrontation. Penalty: Two (2) game suspension in addition to the penalty imposed for the original ejection. ** Eligible to be heard by stated Appeals Process
  6. Harassing players, officials, coaches or spectators. Penalty: One (1) game suspension
  7. Ejection from the game for any other reason not listed above. Penalty: One (1) game suspension