Appeals Process

Northwest Cincinnati Area SAY

** Appeals Process **

Violations of SAY rules will be enforced to the letter of the law.

Northwest Cincinnati SAY has developed and implemented a Revised Code of Conduct for our Coaches, Referees, Players and Spectators. Under the “Penalties for Misconduct” sections, there is a statement “Eligible to be heard by terms of stated Appeals Process” by some of the penalties listed. These are areas where we feel that consideration should be given to the individual circumstances surrounding the penalty and possible dismissal of the penalty or a reduction in the penalty may be warranted.

In circumstances where a coach, player, referee or parent wishes to Appeal a penalty assessed, they must follow the process below:

  • Notify the district representative for their club immediately via e-mail (if possible). E-mail should contain the following information:
    • Complete description of what happened, including date, approximate time, name(s) and contact information for persons who witnessed the situation (not overheard from someone else)
    • Home Team and Visiting Team
    • Name(s) of referee(s) … it is not mandatory that an official provide their name but if needed, this information can be retrieved
    • Why you feel that you should not receive the penalty assigned for your offense

  • Copy the current President on all correspondence related to the incident

  • President will appoint a 3-person committee to review all documentation relevant to the incident.
    • Committee will meet within 48 hours of receiving all documentation
    • President will contact persons involved to provide any supporting/substantiating documentation
    • Board members appointed will never be the districts involved in the incident.
    • The Northwest Cincinnati Board Secretary will always be part of the Appeals Process Committee in addition to the three persons appointed but will not have a vote in the decision regarding the appeal.
    • The President will be a non-voting member of the Appeals Process Committee

  • The Appeals Committee will send their written decision to the respective district representative within 24 hours after meeting and rendering a decision.

  • The decision of the Appeals Committee will be final and no additional appeals may be raised pertaining to the incident

  • If the decision is that the imposed penalty stands as indicated in the NW Cincinnati Code of Conduct, then it will be enforced starting with the next scheduled game to be coached, played, officiated or viewed.

  • If the season has ended, the imposed penalty will be served in the next season played, the end of the season area tournament, the state tournament or in the following season.

  • All documentation will become a permanent record of the NW Cincinnati Board and will be kept with the Secretary and a copy maintained with the President.