Field Center at Frame

PCC does a lot of incredible things in the Field!

Clifford Bluebird Trail; cavity nester monitoring

E-STEM in the Field educational programming for water quality testing

Bat monitoring & habitat restoration

Pollinator Habitat Restoration

Prairie and Wetland Restoration

Reforestation of Native Trees

CommuniTree project by Discovery Trackers
4-H Club

Previous site for Gnomes Day Out festival

Seed collection for NWI habitat restoration

Certified with the National Wlidlife Federation

Insect collecting for Chicago Field Museum

Valparaiso University volunteers for invasive plants removal

Mowing for native habitat preservation, fire prevention and visitor passage

Rehabilitated wildlife release site

THANK YOU to PCC  member Jim Phares (and company) for all their hard work and volunteer hours to help us get the roof raised on the Field Center!