NWI's State Bird Favorite

From summer to winter solstice of 2023, PCC ran a little fundraiser poll to see which of the birds would become the new (PCC version) Indiana State Bird. Every dollar donated was a vote for the donors' favorite bird to be our next state (chapter) mascot.

The favorite and PCC's new Indiana State bird is the
Ruby Throated Hummingbird with 77 votes!

See the full tabulation with all bird breeds voted for here. The Eastern Bluebird was 2nd and Great Blue Heron 3rd. Wild Turkey, Sandhill Crane, and Blue Jay were up in the ranks, while poor Mourning Dove and Red Tailed Hawk slagged in last on the list. THANK YOU to all those who had fun playing along and donating toward PCC's work in migratory bird natural throughway & nesting spaces.

NWI's Favorite Birds

Thank you to IWLA National Conventioneers for supporting our Bluebird Trail efforts.

Your donation goes a long way to help PCC support conservation and education in NWI!

Clifford Bluebird Trail

Citizen science is made available to the community. Porter Co. Chapter shows them the ropes and gives them the materials
they need to get started as backyard scientists.
With support from NIPSCO Env.Action Grant

Family Nature Nights

Elementary school students and their families learn about conservation and environmental issues in NW Indiana with Porter Co. Chapter with lots of hands-on experiences.

E-STEM in the Field

The E is for Environment, STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Porter County Chapter brings them all together to give community members and groups the opportunity to explore nature and learn new skills like water testing and species ID.