Research Interests

I use economic methods to examine challenges in environmental management and energy policy, with a primary focus on environmental public goods. I study a wide variety of topics, including global climate change mitigation, energy efficiency policy, markets for environmentally-friendly products, nonmarket valuation, and pollution control. This page contains my current research; see my publications here.

Working Papers

So much for the Afterglow? Preheating Prosocial BehaviorCasey J. Wichman and Nathan W. Chan
Pigouvian policies under behavioral motivationsNathan W. Chan
How environmental and resource economics can change to fight systemic racismSarah Jacobson, Amy Ando, Titus Awokuse, Nathan W. Chan, Jimena González-Ramírez, Sumeet Gulati, Matthew Interis, Dale Manning, and Samuel Stolper. [
The Structure and Evolution of Markets with Intrinsic MotivationNathan W. Chan and Andreas Lange
A framework for estimating the impact of monitoring and enforcement on illicit extractionFelipe Quezada** and Nathan W. Chan[**Graduate advisee.]
External monitoring and enforcement and the success of collective property rights regimesFelipe Quezada Escalona** and Nathan W. Chan[** Graduate advisee]
Reciprocity with Stochastic LossNathan W. Chan and Leonard Wolk
Cost-(in)effective public good provision: An experimental explorationNathan W. Chan, Stephen Knowles, Ronald Peeters, and Leonard Wolk
Racial and income disparities associated with biased sampling in a large-scale community science projectAaron Grade, Nathan W. Chan, Prashikdivya Gajbhiye**, and Paige Warren. [**Graduate advisee.]
On consumer incentives for energy-efficient durablesNathan W. Chan and Isla Globus-Harris
Generating spatially explicit carbon tax incidence estimates: An application to Washington StateNathan W. Chan and Susan S. Sayre

Select Works-in-Progress

Adverse Weather Induces Adaptation Along Multiple DimensionsNathan W. Chan and Casey J. Wichman
Aggregative Public Good Equilibrium for Local Public GoodsNathan W. Chan and Anne van den Nouweland
On generosity in public good and charitable dictator gamesNathan W. Chan, Stephen Knowles, Ronald Peeters, and Leonard Wolk Perception of generosity under matching and rebate subsidiesNathan W. Chan, Stephen Knowles, Ronald Peeters, and Leonard Wolk.
A unifying algebra of green intermediatesNathan W. Chan