Research Interests

I use economic methods to examine challenges in environmental management and energy policy, with a primary focus on environmental public goods. I study a wide variety of topics, including global climate change mitigation, energy efficiency policy, markets for environmentally-friendly products, nonmarket valuation, and pollution control. I also have a growing research agenda on the impacts of cannabis liberalization and access in the United States.

Journal Articles

If you are unable to access any of these articles, please feel free to contact me for a copy.
Optimal Cost Sharing for Green GoodsNathan W. Chan and Mirco Dinelli* (2020)Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists[*Undergraduate advisee]
Cost-effective Giving with Multiple Public GoodsNathan W. Chan and Leonard Wolk (2020)Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 173, 130-145
Climate Change and Recreation: Evidence from North American CyclingNathan W. Chan and Casey J. Wichman (2020)Environmental and Resource Economics
The Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization and Dispensing on Opioid MortalityNathan W. Chan, Jesse Burkhardt, and Matthew Flyr (2020)Economic Inquiry, 58(2), 589-606
Funding Global Environmental Public Goods Through Multilateral Financial MechanismsNathan W. Chan (2019)Environmental and Resource Economics, 72(2), 515-531
Unintended Consequences of Cap-and-Trade? Evidence from the Regional Greenhouse Gas InitiativeNathan W. Chan and John Morrow* (2019)Energy Economics, 80, 411-422[*Undergraduate advisee]
Local Public Goods and the Crowding-out Hypothesis: Evidence from Civic CrowdfundingDaniel A. Brent and Nathan W. Chan (2019)Economics Bulletin, 39(3), 1-14
The Dollars and Sense of Ballot Propositions: Estimating Willingness to Pay for Public Goods using Aggregate Voting DataJesse Burkhardt and Nathan W. Chan (2017)Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 4(2), 470-503
The Microeconomic Theory of the Rebound Effect and its Welfare ImplicationsNathan W. Chan and Kenneth Gillingham (2015)Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2(1), 133-159
Misinformation and Its Implications for Green MarketsNathan W. Chan (2015)Strategic Behavior and the Environment, 5(3-4), 301-316
A Generalized Impure Public Good and Linear Characteristics Model of Green ConsumptionNathan W. Chan and Matthew J. Kotchen (2014)Resource & Energy Economics, 37, 1-16
Effect of Changes in Water Level on Sediment Pore Water Redox Geochemistry at a Reservoir ShorelineRich A. Wildman, R.A., Nathan W. Chan, Nathan F. Dalleska, Mark Anderson, and Janet G. Hering (2010)Applied Geochemistry, 25(12): 1902-1911

Working Papers

Valuing Nonmarket Impacts of Climate Change: From Reduced-form to WelfareNathan W. Chan and Casey J. Wichman
On the Prospects for Funding Public Goods through Dedicated TaxesNathan W. Chan and Matthew J. Kotchen
What is the Value of Conformity? Evidence from Landscaping and Water ConservationJesse Burkhardt, Nathan W. Chan, Bryan Bollinger, and Ken Gillingham
So much for the Afterglow? Preheating Prosocial BehaviorCasey J. Wichman and Nathan W. Chan
The Structure and Evolution of Markets with Intrinsic MotivationNathan W. Chan and Andreas Lange
Public Co-enforcement and the Success of Collective Property Rights RegimesFelipe Quezada Escalona** and Nathan W. Chan[** Graduate advisee]
Reciprocity with Stochastic LossNathan W. Chan and Leonard Wolk
Cost-(in)effective public good provision: An experimental explorationNathan W. Chan, Stephen Knowles, Ronald Peeters, and Leonard Wolk

Other Publications

Review of “The City and the Coming Climate"Nathan W. ChanJournal of Regional Science, 52(5), 884-885