Research Interests

I use economic methods to examine challenges in environmental management and energy policy, with a primary focus on environmental public goods. I study a wide variety of topics, including global climate change mitigation, energy efficiency policy, markets for environmentally-friendly products, nonmarket valuation, and pollution control. This page lists my publications; see my current research here.

Journal Articles

If you are unable to access any of these articles, please feel free to contact me for a copy.
A framework for estimating the impact of monitoring and enforcement on (unobserved) illicit extractionFelipe Quezada** and Nathan W. Chan (2023)Environmental and Resource Economics[**Graduate advisee.]
Racial and income disparities associated with biased sampling in a large-scale community science projectAaron Grade, Nathan W. Chan, Prashikdivya Gajbhiye**, and Paige Warren (2022)PLOS One, 17(11): e0277223[**Graduate advisee.]
Perception of generosity under matching and rebate subsidiesNathan W. Chan, Stephen Knowles, Ronald Peeters, and Leonard Wolk (2022)Judgment and Decision Making, 17(5), 1058-1071
Funding Public Goods Through Dedicated Taxes on Private GoodsNathan W. Chan and Matthew J. Kotchen (2022)Land Economics, 27, 428-439
Conformity and Conservation: Evidence from Home Landscaping and Water Conservation.Jesse Burkhardt, Nathan W. Chan, Bryan Bollinger, and Kenneth T. Gillingham (2022)American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1, 228-248
Valuing Nonmarket Impacts of Climate Change: From Reduced-form to WelfareNathan W. Chan and Casey J. Wichman (2022)Environmental and Resource Economics, 81, 179-213
Lindahl Pricing, Three WaysNathan W. Chan and Mirco Dinelli* (2021)Economics Bulletin, 41(4), 2386-2392[*Undergraduate advisee]
Optimal Cost Sharing for Green GoodsNathan W. Chan and Mirco Dinelli* (2020)Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 7(6), 1033-1068[*Undergraduate advisee]
Cost-effective Giving with Multiple Public GoodsNathan W. Chan and Leonard Wolk (2020)Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 173, 130-145
Climate Change and Recreation: Evidence from North American CyclingNathan W. Chan and Casey J. Wichman (2020)Environmental and Resource Economics, 76, 119-151
The Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization and Dispensing on Opioid MortalityNathan W. Chan, Jesse Burkhardt, and Matthew Flyr (2020)Economic Inquiry, 58(2), 589-606
Funding Global Environmental Public Goods Through Multilateral Financial MechanismsNathan W. Chan (2019)Environmental and Resource Economics, 72(2), 515-531
Unintended Consequences of Cap-and-Trade? Evidence from the Regional Greenhouse Gas InitiativeNathan W. Chan and John Morrow* (2019)Energy Economics, 80, 411-422[*Undergraduate advisee]
Local Public Goods and the Crowding-out Hypothesis: Evidence from Civic CrowdfundingDaniel A. Brent and Nathan W. Chan (2019)Economics Bulletin, 39(3), 1-14
The Dollars and Sense of Ballot Propositions: Estimating Willingness to Pay for Public Goods using Aggregate Voting DataJesse Burkhardt and Nathan W. Chan (2017)Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 4(2), 470-503
The Microeconomic Theory of the Rebound Effect and its Welfare ImplicationsNathan W. Chan and Kenneth Gillingham (2015)Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2(1), 133-159
Misinformation and Its Implications for Green MarketsNathan W. Chan (2015)Strategic Behavior and the Environment, 5(3-4), 301-316
A Generalized Impure Public Good and Linear Characteristics Model of Green ConsumptionNathan W. Chan and Matthew J. Kotchen (2014)Resource & Energy Economics, 37, 1-16
Effect of Changes in Water Level on Sediment Pore Water Redox Geochemistry at a Reservoir ShorelineRich A. Wildman, Nathan W. Chan, Nathan F. Dalleska, Mark Anderson, and Janet G. Hering (2010)Applied Geochemistry, 25(12): 1902-1911

Other Publications

Review of “The City and the Coming Climate"Nathan W. ChanJournal of Regional Science, 52(5), 884-885